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Decorating trends for 2016 – Part 2

In this article, we present all the trends and themes for a perfect interior design.

  1. Metal and brass

These cold materials are especially good in the living room in combination with natural colors. Also, they are seen in rivets and nails upholstery and sofas. The fitting gives some soft material hardness and gives a rock in the air to the living room.

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image
  1. Velvet
    Whoever thinks here in the days of her grandmother did not do justice to the material. Soft velvet will live its revival next year.
  2. Gold
    All is well with gold: gold fittings especially decorate our rooms are nice and featured elements that attract all eyes.
  3. Round Tables triplet
    In 2016, the round tables seating area and takes different heights. This is also practical since it can be placed one below the other. Resulting in an interesting asymmetric effect.
  4. Marble
    Marble is an essential material, especially in the bathroom. The material itself is not new, but the new combination with different shades of blue gives an interesting effect and gives a Mediterranean charm to your home.



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