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Essential Cabinets You Need in Today’s Kitchen

A place for everything and everything in its place. Good storage in a kitchen goes beyond merely having plenty of cabinets. The key is to have the cabinets function with strategic storage that maximizes efficiency. Maintaining peak function in your cooking space is all about accessibility within your work zones, the ease of use and limiting how much you need to move around so that you can focus on what matters most: delicious meals and good company. Here are the most essential cabinets for your kitchen, courtesy of best au online casino.

Super Susan

Not all kitchens have them, but when utilized correctly, corners can be one of the best storage areas of the kitchen. As a kitchen designer there is really only one corner cabinet we like to use, that is the Super Susan. (Not to be confused with a Lazy Susan that has a center supporting pole).  A Super Susan is considerable more efficient for storage than even blind corner cabinets. That is because it allows you to use the most amount of space, a corner has to offer.

Drawer Storage

If you are looking for the most accessible cabinet with flexible storage, then look no further than a drawer base! Although they are more expensive, stacked drawer cabinets add enormous storage efficiency.

Roll-out Pantries

Pantries tend to be at the top of everyone’s wish list when it comes to a kitchen remodel. And it is with good reason! An addition of a pantry is like adding an additional 2-3 cabinets worth of storage.  It gives you floor to ceiling storage for cans, jars, dry goods and more. The amount you can store in such a small amount of space is absolutely amazing.

Pantries come as small as 12″ wide. But if you are able to fit in a pantry that is 18″ or wider, we suggest opting for roll out shelves. A roll-out pantry conveniently slides each shelf out for full view. This wide access can really simplify life in the kitchen, especially when they are arranged by necessity or category.

Tilt out Tray

We felt silly putting a sink base cabinet as one of our top 10 must have kitchen cabinets, because… duh!  Every kitchen needs one.  So instead, we wanted to highlight the sink base accessory that belongs in every standard sink base cabinet. That is, a tilt out tray!

It is a sleek storage space, that makes use of a false drawer front. A tilt-out tray keeps cleaning tools at your finger tips. They are great for sponges or Brillo pads and even as a safe place for rings while doing dishes.  Although they are available in both plastic and stainless steel, we prefer the plastic. This is because it can be easily removed, and washed on the top rack of the dishwasher, which is not a safe place to play game from

Tray Dividers

Tray dividers, also referred to as vertical dividers, are extremely useful for storing large, flat objects: think cutting boards, cookie sheets, muffin tins, platters, cooling racks etc. Since these are common items we all use, we try to design in at least one of these inexpensive, yet highly useful cabinet in every kitchen.

They are normally designed next to the range, and will be 9″ or 12″ wide. But can also be placed in upper portions of tall cabinets- like an oven cabinet, pantry or in a wall cabinet above the refrigerator.

Base Pull-Out

Base pull-out cabinets have come a long way over the years. It was first introduced as a mini pantry option, commonly used for spices.  Now, the same 12″-15″ of space can store not just spices, but utensils, knives, even pantry goods.

Since we all tend to accumulate spices every time we try a new recipe, the number one base pull out is still those geared towards spice storage. It is a great option adjacent to your cooking zone. Often times we place one of these on one side of the stove, and a tray divider on the other for a symmetrical look.


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