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How to Fix Loose or Broken Ceramic Floor Tiles

Laying ceramic tile flooring is a cheap practical alternative to more expensive flooring materials. These ceramic tiles have many benefits including staying cool on a hot day, and they are easy to clean and require almost no maintenance to keep looking new.  One of the only drawbacks to this material is that they are not durable when a heavy object is dropped directly onto a tile. Many hardware stores have a limited assortment of tiles, so it is best to order your replacement tiles online. Visit this website to learn more about your tiling options. Replacing a broken tile doesn’t require a lot of work, but you will need a scouring tool, a drill, a chisel, and hammer to do the job correctly. When one tile breaks you will need to decide between fixing the tile or replacing the broken section.

The first thing you need to decide when replacing a broken tile is if you are happy with your current tiles, or if this is a good time to switch up your home decor. Retiling an entire room doesn’t cost absurd rates like other home repairs, and if you have the funds and your floors are old this could be the solution. The cost of installing a new tile floor is just under $1,400 to have a professional come into your home. The isn’t a complex task, and you can do this yourself in a day for the cost of materials, which will save you roughly $800 in labor. Don’t be intimidated by a large project because there are step-by-step videos on the internet that are easy to follow.

Many of you will have a hairline crack or a loose tile at some point, and this is incredibly easy to fix. For a hairline crack, you follow three simple steps. First, clean the broken tile with some warm water so there is a clean surface to adhere new materials. Next, you will apply a thin layer of epoxy to hold the cracked materials together. Lastly, you should use a Q-tip to apply a small amount of paint to disguise the crack. Fixing a loose tile is even easier than fixing a cracked tile. Simply pry up the tile with a chisel and clean the area so the new layer of mortar will have a firm hold. Apply a fresh layer of mortar and press on your tile. Apply some new grout and your tile will be as good as new.

Tiles that have large chips will need to be replaced or they will continue to chip away until nothing is left. The most difficult part about replacing a tile is to find one that matches. When you tile your floor make sure to keep a stack of extra tiles as replacement pieces. To replace a tile you must remove the grout and pry up the tile. Then follow the same steps as fixing a loose tile. This is a quick process that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to fix!


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