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Provencal style
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Ideas to enter the Provencal style to your decor

The Provencal style takes us to a very rustic decor of the cottages, but with ideas that I teach you today you’ll be able to introduce into your home even if located in the city. This decoration includes elements also styles shabby chic and vintage and commitment to the brightness and warmth to your spaces. Want to know how to dress your rooms with an air of Provence? Let’s see if inspiration comes …


To bring the Provencal style to your home you can play with a color palette in which the white is the protagonist. Not as pure as in the Scandinavian style, but something warmer, as off-white and ivory, or raw or turns to gray. Not usually seen touches of bright colors but some details sands, pink, green, blue, gray, etc.

Provencal style
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Exposed beams

Provencal style houses have very high ceilings and beams are visible. You can leave your home in this way or even add a decorative way to give that touch so characteristic. If the walls are in white, they are beautiful if you let in natural wood color. Also you can paint.

Not missing natural elements

The nature is a source of inspiration for the Provencal style, because its origin is in these houses French countryside surrounded by forests and green areas. To bring all this life to your home uses natural materials such as wood, flax and cotton and add plants and flowers to the decoration, motives can also be included in the printed cushions, tablecloths or curtains.

Provencal style
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The wildflowers are most appropriate for a decorative touch to a special corner of Provence. You can enter them into small florets in strategic locations such as the entrance, a reading corner or in the bathroom. Precious lavenders or other aromatic flower, for example.

A Provencal cuisine

To give a facelift to your kitchen and you acquire this rustic country feel nothing better than adding wood elements. You can do the furniture, countertops, through a sturdy table … You can also incorporate details of wicker, ceramic and stone.

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Do not lean too much stays and choose furniture in materials such as iron and wood, great if you use stripped, for example. If you have any antique furniture you’ll be wonderful in this decorative style, as it will bring a romantic touch vintage. Add-ons in glass and ceramics, vases, carpets and mirrors. That said, without reloading.

Provencal style
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The bedroom

Because this style is very romantic and cozy you can be great in your bedroom. How can you do? I give you some ideas: Place a headboard forging bed, a quilt or quilt with floral pattern and a sprig of lavender on the table. You can also put a wicker basket at the foot of the bed or an old trunk. Light shades bring light and warmth to the room.

Dining room

We ended up in the dining room. Choose a table to become focal point, robust and wood with turned legs. Place chairs upholstered with large backups; need not all be of the same design, you can play with different chairs. Add a rug to give warmth and decorative touches like some flowers, some paintings with natural motifs and textiles and cushions on the sofa.


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