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modern farmhouse
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A modern farmhouse with eclectic decor

Do you think that in a rustic environment we can find some Scandinavian touches? The truth is that yes, and a clear example is this farm in which, in addition to this, there are also some industrial elements and other Moroccans, boho or tropical. An eclectic decor that results in an incredible home that has conquered me. I hope you like it as much as I do. It has been created by the designer Jennifer Bunsa, who has put all its attention in the details. Then take a stroll through this Hudson cottage that will not leave you indifferent.

modern farmhouse
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A mixture of styles

Although in the decoration many times less is more, the truth is that the mixture of styles that is given in this farm is very interesting. Modern touches, bohemian, Moroccan, tropical, Nordic and rustic. All this united in a special way and without stridency. It is clear that, by doing well, it can be achieved.

The kitchen

The architecture of the house tells us that we are in a farm with wooden beams and stone, but once inside we see that this goes much further. We will start in the kitchen, one of the rooms that I liked the most. In it we find tiles on the walls, industrial details mixed with antiques … It is definitely a special stay where nothing is chosen at random.

modern farmhouse
Image Source: Google Image

The Nautical Dining Lamp

Then you’ll see it in the photo gallery. In the dining room, all the eyes go towards the ceiling, where an incredible nautical chandelier hangs, formed by glass, ropes and knots. The picture completes a spectacular elongated table with metal chairs and, on the wall; we fall in love again when we see a vintage clock mint green color that contrasts with the rest of the decoration. These mixtures have not been made better.

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Two charming corners

As we go through this house, we are stumbling over charming spots. From the side door, we reach a porch that connects to the exterior through a large windows. Here a tropical decoration predominates with touches very colorful in the textiles and with wooden furniture. In the photo on the right we see another space. Also very cozy, here the wood is the main protagonist, in the beams and on the floor. The contrast comes with the use of modern elements combined with some antiques.

modern farmhouse
Image Source: Google Image

The bedroom and the bathroom

When you look at the main bathroom, you will not be able to tell which stay is your favorite. We arrived to him from a bedroom with a certain classic character, especially by the structure of the bed. It emphasizes its great window of floor to ceiling and its lamps on the bedside tables. In the bathroom, another large window welcomes us. In front of the sink, with classic style, we see a wooden cupboard and from there we go to a shower cubicle that seems to transport us to another country and another time. The tiles cover all the walls. This stay is complete with a claw foot tub, amazing too.


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