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Is fixing a bubbling laminate floor possible?

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for both bathrooms and kitchens as not only does it look great, but it’s also durable and easy to clean. Unfortunately though, there is one drawback. As this material contains an element of wood, regular exposure to damp or humid conditions can mean that bubbles develop in the finish, spoiling the way it looks.

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The good news is it’s not an impossible problem to fix, though it may well involve replacing your current flooring with something more suitable for the room it is being used in. Experts advise that to avoid water damage from airborne moisture, floor coverings are most stable in an environment with between a 30 – 60% humidity level.

Fixing minor bubbling

If the damage is minimal you can try removing the wall moulding and the floorboards around the affected area, then replace those causing the problem. This is a manageable job to tackle for those with the right tools and experience.

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Dealing with major bubbling

Fitting waterproof laminate flooring is the first stage of any long-term solution. For the best results allow the laminate to acclimatise to the new environment before fitting, and leave a little space for it to expand into rather than fitting it close to the walls.

Airing the room consistently and thoroughly to avoid excessive moisture building up, and dealing with any spilled liquids straightaway, both help reduce the risks of future flooring bubbling problems. A device which is really good for getting rid of damp is a dehumidifier which can be placed within your home and you will be amazed how much water is sucked from the air.


What to do if you can’t fix it

If you are having major bubbling that cannot be fixed and what ever you do is failing sometimes it is best to start again.  This is definitely a good idea if the floor is old and looking rather worn. So get all of this flooring up and throw it out, but don’t annoy the neighbours so book yourself a Swansea skip hire company to take it away for you. If you are wondering where to find a local company then look at sites like and they will tell you the best size and price for you. Then all you need to do is buy new but don’t make the same mistake again because then it could get costly.



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