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Japanese house
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A Japanese house that is not what it seems

Appearances sometimes deceive. It is what happens with this house located in Tokyo (Japan) that, if we see it from outside, we can think that we are in front of a house of tiny dimensions. It is very narrow and with a certain triangular shape, conditioned by the terrain in which it rises, and this form that presents does not make us think at any time that in its interior we will find a place so spacious and welcoming. But it is like this. It is designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier and has about 55 square meters. Very well taken advantage, by the way. Today we will discover all the corners of this original Japanese house that is not what it seems to the naked eye.

Japanese house
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Between the river and the road

This original house is located between a river and a road, in a triangular area that gives the house this unique shape. It is narrow and elongated, and much more spacious inside than it seems from the outside. It consists of two floors : the bedroom is on the first floor and the living room and kitchen and on the second. There is even a higher level, a kind of loft, for the games room. All the walls are painted white, which makes the house look more spacious, and is decorated with a rather minimalist style, so as not to saturate the space. The wood also takes on a special role, perfect for providing that pleasant feeling inside.

Japanese house
Image Source: Google Image

Distribution of interior space

As I mentioned before, the area below is destined for the bedroom. In this space, we find large windows that maximize natural lighting and offer what the architects have called “a feeling of floating”.

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The area above

Climbing the stairs we reach the kitchen and dining room, located on the top floor. The high ceiling has made it possible to design a sloping roof, which is accessed from the kitchen, and dining area where a play area has been set up so that the daughter of the owner of this house has a place for the Fun and learning.

Japanese house
Image Source: Google Image

The shape of the house

This house has a shape sculpted by the sharp angle delimited by the buildable space, is irregular and the end of the second level protrudes above the base in a cantilever, thus highlighting that form of roof with a kind of ridge. It is lined with brown metallic panels and has a volume with a solid structure with rectangular windows. At the top there is a small balcony.

The stays

The kitchen is located at the west end of the layout and benefits from double height ceiling. It is accessed by a staircase and in this higher area we find a multifunctional space with natural lighting that comes through a large skylight. Although this house has a small size, it provides a very suitable living space, which visually extends the sense of space through horizontal and vertical openings.


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