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We have seen fit to devote a specific blog for the residence that we show below for a particular issue that will probably surprise or, at least, we hope catches your eye if you do not already know.

When the issue of residential property, features such as location and orientation question are crucial in making a decision, although in this respect it’s all relative, is not it ?. For example, living near the coastline has its pros and cons. This is not a matter of questioning, redundant. We will rely on an example: live by the sea, surrounded by views of the blue infinity, with the sound of the waves which “nana crib” at dusk, in a quiet area but, at the same time near the town of one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean and in a place that already if slashing the magnificence cities. Well, here it is not worth relativity!; all these features would merit our protagonist. However, there is a peculiar quality in this. A detail lacking most leaning Mediterranean properties.

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image

It is true that the island of Menorca is the first in the archipelago to see the sunrise, and that is, at least, interesting. But in the antipode of this island, there is a home that has the privilege of being one of the few residences from which you can see to the sun hidden under the horizon, where the blue sea fades with the blue sky. Infinity”.

Home sunsets2

People who do not know the wealth of sensations that produces the show we describe you or have only read about these sunsets with the wow factor, it is impossible that a written text, photo in high resolution or documentary shot with more advanced techniques can come to describe the beauty that entails such an event. It is a unique phenomenon for his shy and fleeting nature entails like the beauty of the aurora borealis. A phenomenon which occurs exclusively with specific atmospheric conditions. Only when the sun dips below the horizon line marine, again, if weather conditions are suitable, you can see how after the last remnant of the starlight, right in the moment that disappears, a light beam deep green neon color, as if it were a ray perpendicular to the horizon, cross over milliseconds reddish sunset scene. An intense light will break into the wonderful symphony of reddish tones that accompany this, and in itself, unique scene. Glimpse is really overwhelming.

Home sunsets

Submit a photo of Ray Green on this blog would truthfully, we assure !.

And now the residence in question

A property because of its location becomes one of the best in Menorca west coast, stunning views and an extraordinary situation from which on clear days even currency most of the islands of the archipelago.

Designed to relax and unwind large and stressful working hours, this property makes your moments of rest commonplace; just 5 minutes from the old town of Ciutadella and all the amenities you need (shopping center, hospital, restaurants, entertainment, etc.)

The residence consists of two floors. At the bottom, we find a magnificent room, fully equipped kitchen, living room, four bedrooms and four bathrooms three of which directly serve en suite. The above bedrooms each enjoy their own private terrace. The second floor features a reading room, office-office and a spacious and lovely terrace where you can enjoy the best sunsets of the whole island.

The exterior of the home is made, nothing more and nothing less, than a garden of 5000 square meters, the pool facing the sea and with dimensions of 13 x 7 meters, finishing with garage with enough space for four seats tourism.

There is also an annex where the barbecue, wardrobe, shower area, summer kitchen and a lounge where you can enjoy what you more he pleases are, albeit with the best possible views and the silence broken only by the murmur of the sea and inseparable companions.

Do you really still thinking about the Green Ray?


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