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5 Ways You Can Create Interest in Your Industrial Style Space

Renovating and repurposing industrial spaces has given new life to buildings, as they are turned into residential homes. Industrial design makes these spaces interesting, and makes best use of the original architectural elements that make up the building as a whole. But industrial design has often been linked to a lack of comfort, and an overall cold style of design. Many people shy away from industrial design for these reasons. But there are ways you can bring interest, depth and warmth to an industrially designed space. Here are some ideas.

  1. Make Good Use of Rustic Metals

Metal is a strong design element in industrial interiors. Metal can look plain and cold, but there are rustic style of metals that make an industrial space more interesting and welcoming. There are many ways you can use rustic metals like copper, cast iron, and brushed nickel to make a statement. These give the room a range of textures and sense of depth, which makes the overall room look more appealing.

  1. Mix Up Your Styles

You don’t need to stick with furniture and elements from one period in order to create an industrially styled home. You can match contemporary pieces with vintage and older elements. Industrial furniture works very well with older antique pieces. You can see most effectively how to do this in the kitchen, where you can add old accessories like copper pans to a purely contemporary base of stainless steel work surfaces.

  1. Make Good Use of Bold Art

An industrial space is the ideal place to display bold and creative artwork. You will probably have large areas of blank wall and exposed brick, which will be enhanced with either canvases, or paintings direct on the wall. 

  1. Choose Furniture with Minimal Detailing

There are many examples of old and new furniture that work well in an industrial style setting as they do not have too many details and are unadorned. This does not mean they are plain and boring. But the style is simple over embellished.

  1. Reuse Materials

There are many examples of new pieces of furniture available for an industrial space and these work very well when combined with furniture that has been repurposed from other objects. You can find salvage materials like reclaimed wood, items that have been used in offices and industrial settings, and other items that can be used to add depth and appeal in your industrial style home.


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