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What You Should Know About Window Glass

One of the key features of any home is the windows. They allow natural light into the home and a view of the world from inside its walls. Unfortunately, sometimes the glass breaks. Weather events such as hailstorms can break one pane or multiple. A broken window allows the elements inside your home along with unwanted pests and critters. Beyond broken window panes, sometimes the panes need an upgrade to lower energy costs or add privacy.

Window Glass Types

When choosing glass replacement Dallas TX, you need to know what type of window glass to purchase. There are six main types of glass to choose from. Reflective coatings are great for reducing glare and heat while still allowing light inside. Gas fills offer better insulation due to gas filled units. Spectrally selective coatings allow for full sunlight into the home while reducing the heat by 70%. Heat-absorbing tints reduce glare and heat. Insulated glass unites separate two more panes with a spacer for better insulation. Low-emissivity coatings are prominent in cold climates as they reduce energy costs by controlling the heat flow from non-solar sources. Many panes can use the existing frame saving you money on upgrade costs.

Privacy Window Glass

Sometimes privacy is more important than other concerns such as for bathrooms. Obscured glass lets light in but obscures the view out. The glass is designed with patterns such as etched or frosted that keeps others from seeing in your home. This type of glass is used in bathroom windows, entryway windows and shower glass surrounds.

When looking to replace your window glass, consider what is important for your home and climate. Areas with warmer climates may receive the most energy savings from insulated windows or those with certain coatings. Colder climates have different needs. Reducing glare in certain windows may be more necessary than others. Choose one that is right for your home and your needs.


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