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House in Hampstead
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Bright and modern house in Hampstead London

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and even there we moved today, specifically to Hampstead, an area located about six kilometers northwest of Charing Cross and belongs to the district of Camden. This area is surrounded by forests and is one of the most expensive to live around London and almost everywhere. And just one of these houses is that we will know from within. A house full of natural light and a modern and very tastefully decorated. Want to join us?

House in Hampstead
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A modern housing

The new owners wanted a modern interior design to complement the spectacular architecture of this house. One element that stands out in it are the huge windows that are in each room; from them you can see the forests surrounding this property and let light and nature to the interior. It is a house awake but relaxed design with luxury finishes and accessories that make it a very special place.

The distribution

This house was designed by Claridge Architects. It has a large open – plan space, three bedrooms, all with private bath, an additional bathroom with shower and a TV room. Surrounded by a large garden, it has an area of 200 square meters with 2.7 meters ceilings, and each room has large windows that go from floor to ceiling.

House in Hampstead
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The living room

The living room was designed to create a cozy area with a corner sofa and an area of independent reading. Contemporary fireplace was also included, with fire bio ethanol. The dining room has an extendable table to accommodate all the visitors. It added a sofa bed in the TV room and the wardrobe has become a guest bathroom with a glass hidden behind a tailor-made shower.

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A warm and welcoming place

The discreet luxury of this home appreciate in the textures and natural materials used, providing a cozy feeling ever. The original gray floor tiles were replaced by oak boards placed on the floor heating. A warm space in every way …

House in Hampstead
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Natural tones star in the decoration of this London property, and each room has its own color palette. The living room evokes autumn with earthy colors and accents of burgundy. The guest bedroom combines green, salmon and light blue, the child is neutral but incorporates a wall with floral pattern. The master bedroom is the most colorful with a painted wood natural fiber in brown paper and an upholstered in blue and dark gray bed. The mustard – colored velvet sofa Stars.

The bathrooms

In the shower guests, the black iron used refers to the windowsills of the rest of the house. The main features of the other three baths are the use of natural wood on the floor, decorative panels and the mixture of materials such as concrete, iron, wood and glass.


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