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Why vinyl flooring and wallpaper are on a roll

After moving into a new property that you had legal support with, perhaps from Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester such as, many people are excited to start decorating their new home.

There are many ways in which you can decorate your walls and falls and vinyl is back in vogue, and there are a few reasons for the sudden resurgence of this versatile material. It used to have a rather sorry reputation as being a part of Grandma’s 1970s kitchen, often in bright garish colours and patterns, and it had long fallen out of fashion in most modern homes. Now, however, it is certainly on a comeback roll. Here is a look at why it’s becoming popular again.

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New Technology

Over the last couple of decades, changes in how vinyl is produced have begun to challenge the old stereotypes about it as a material in the home. As a flooring solution, it is extremely hard wearing, easy to clean and maintain, and waterproof. This means it is very versatile for floors in the home or workplace.

New technology in the manufacturing process also means that vinyl can now be produced in countless styles and finishes, even complex 3D surfaces, so that vinyl can reproduce the realistic look of solid wood flooring and other natural surfaces.

The fantastic array of designs are making this extremely durable modern material more and more popular, especially when you want the look of a natural surface but the durability and maintenance ease of a man-made material.

Environmentally friendly

There used to be concerns over the environmental impact of chemicals in vinyl, such as phthalates, but vinyl can now be bought that is completely phthalate-free. Moreover, the oil-based inks that were once used in the printing process have now been replaced by eco-friendly water-based inks.

The choice of top designers

This has led to some of the top names and brands in the industry investing time and money into new vinyl ranges. Bolon, the Swedish flooring company, uses recycled fabrics in its backing, and it partnered with the London-based design studio Doshi Levien to produce truly wonderful designs that were exhibited at last year’s Milan’s furniture and design fair.

Avenue Floors, Quick-Step, Brennan and Burch, and Wall and Deco are all producing some stunning designs in vinyl. One thing is becoming clear: more and more top interior designers are using vinyl as a versatile material in their home designs to produce stunning results, and the 1970s kitchen look has been firmly consigned to the dustbin of the past.


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