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Saving money on your electricity

Nobody enjoys paying bills and if you’re looking to save money on your increasing electricity costs, then here are some handy tips:

Switch to LED lights

They are far more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, last longer and can provide cleaner and more natural-looking light.

Install a smart switch

There are a lot available, from a simple time switch to one that can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. This makes it easier to ensure that your electronics are not left on standby.

Turn it off on the wall

Leaving electronics in a standby state means that electricity is still being used so they can be turned on at the same time. Turning off this equipment on the wall will stop it.

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Keep your meter in good order

Whilst thinking about ways to save money, ensure that your meter is in good working order, doesn’t show any signs of being faulty and is well-protected from the elements. For an Electric Meter Box, visit  

Clean the coils in your refrigerator

You most likely never bother to do this. Coils on the back of your refrigerator can be very dirty which reduces efficiency, so try cleaning at least once a year. Your refrigerator will last longer and cost less money to keep going!

Keep your fridge and freezer warm

Changing your fridge and freezer by just one degree won’t make a difference for you, but it can save a lot of energy throughout the year.

Defrost frozen food in the fridge

Not only is this more hygienic to do, frozen food will help keep your refrigerator cool which means it requires far less power to run.

Efficient when cooking

Use the lid when boiling the pan on the stove and make sure that you use the correct pan on the right ring. This can make a big difference, speed up cooking time and use far less energy. Another good tip is to use the entire oven while you cook so that the energy used to heat the oven is not in vain.

Wash clothes at lower temperatures

Most of your washing can be done at lower temperatures – like 30 degrees – and still give the same results. Doing this will help reduce your electricity consumption because your washing machine does not need to heat water to high temperatures.

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Line dry

Dryers can consume large amounts of electricity. If it’s a nice day, dry your laundry outside or leave it in the air in the room if it’s not pleasant outside. Be careful to not dry clothes directly on the radiator, because you will prevent heat from spreading throughout the room, so your heating system must work harder to make the room rise to temperature.

Use the sun for warmth and light

The sun is a form of extraordinary energy, just look at the renewable energy that we produce from it! Keeping your curtains open during the day can help bring warmth and light to your home, reducing your need for the energy needed to heat or illuminate your home.

Don’t boil the kettle full

Unless you’re making tea for an army, there aren’t many calls to have the kettle filled to the brim. It will only take far longer to boil and also requires more energy to do it – just by filling in roughly the amount you need to use can save money and time with each cup.




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