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The spectacular apartment that Meg Ryan sells in New York

How much can an apartment located in the Soho neighborhood of New York? Well I imagine that there will be different alternatives, but the one we are going to talk about today has a price of more than 10 million dollars. This is the house that has put on sale the actor Meg Ryan, a house that bought in the year 2013 and that previously had been property of the actor Hank Azaria.

This apartment is located on the fifth floor of a building of the year 1988 and has 380 square meters. It consists of three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, rest areas and a gallery of 12 meters. Its main characteristics are its large windows (it has 13 in total) and the use of wood and glass. But let’s look at everything in much more detail below. Enjoy this tour!

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Modern style and spacious spaces

The architect Joel Barkley and interior designer Monique Gibson handled the interior of the apartment that Meg Ryan now sells for 10 million dollars. It is a house with ample spaces decorated in black and white, all with a modern style to which are added classic touches such as the columns.

Ebony wood flooring

Another of the characteristics that give this special personality to the apartment of the actress are the floors of ebony wood. Natural light floods everything and the use of wood combined with white and black that prevails in every room gets to break that monochrome in some of the corners of this spacious home. In the kitchen, for example, white walls and furniture create precious contrasts with the floor and some decorative elements.

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Eight closets in the bedroom

The large dimensions of this apartment make it possible to have plenty of space in any of the rooms. This is the case of the master bedroom, where whoever decides to get this apartment will find eight closets wardrobes.

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The bathroom

The wood gives way to the black and white tiles found in the bathroom, which create a spectacular design on the floor, combined with other white and rectangular on the wall. Countertops, screens and black lamps make a nice contrast, once again, with black and white as protagonists.

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The common areas

In addition to the bedrooms and bathroom, this house has different common areas, some dedicated to rest and others as the kitchen or dining room are equipped to receive guests and enjoy a good time in company around a table and a good food. They are cozy spaces in which wood becomes vitally important, as well as the use of textiles to design comfortable environments.

The decor we see in Meg Ryan’s apartment

As we have already seen, black and white are the main colors used in the decoration, which breaks a little this monochrome with the use of green plants and some decorative details that add a note of color to that modern interior with dyes Classics but always elegant.


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