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How to Create a Dark and Mysterious Interior Design

In the world of Japanese minimalism and boho living rooms, embracing a dark interior design is definitely for the bold ones. Thanks to the use of deep shades, specific decor, and the contrast between light and shadow, this design screams sophistication and opulence, just like the lobbies in the most luxurious hotels. Here are some key elements of this interior design that will help you create a mysterious and sophisticated living space.

Choose the color palette

The first and most obvious step of building a dark interior is to choose an appropriate color palette. Keep in mind that dark does not necessarily mean black and there are lots of shades and colors to choose from to achieve this aesthetic. A few popular options include forest green, navy, deep plum, burgundy, as well as all shades of gray. By sticking to this palette you’ll make it easier to choose the right decorations and statement pieces in the future.

Create contrast

As previously mentioned, contrast is an important part of a dark interior design and contrary to the popular opinion, adding some light elements won’t ruin the image but rather accentuate its deepness. For example, a cream knit Irish blanket will make the perfect addition to your living room, as it won’t only highlight the color of your walls and decorations, but will also keep you warm and snuggly during movie nights. Check out for high-quality Irish throws and blankets that will make your interior feel like a luxurious resort. Additionally, you can create contrast by playing with lights and shadows, for example by adding floor lamps or led lights to the living space.

Combine textures

Apart from colors, textures play one of the most important roles in interior designs, as they are the ones that make the space feel more dimensional by adding depth and visual interest. The wool blanket that we’ve previously mentioned will look exquisite when thrown on a black leather couch, just like a shaggy rug will beautifully accentuate the wood floor. Combining glossy and matte textures is another excellent idea; for instance, placing a few matte ottomans next to a glass coffee table will draw attention to the center of the room.

Splurge on textiles

If there is one thing you should never skimp on while creating a dark interior design, it is definitely the textiles such as carpets and curtains. These small elements can make a significant difference to the overall aesthetic of your space, elevating the style and giving the room more dimension. Invest in luxurious textiles like velvet, silk, fine cotton, leather, and wool to give the living space a more enticing appearance.  Plus, these textiles are sturdy and durable, which means that they have a long lifespan and will definitely prove themselves worth the investment.


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