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Concrete house
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Concrete house with sustainable design in Australia

We go to Australia, specifically to the municipality of Yackandandah, to know a very special home that was designed by the Archie architecture studio for a local sculptor who wanted a rustic house that was a reflection of his personality.

This construction employs large concrete blocks that are anchored to the landscape and give an incredible exterior design. But the interior is not far behind … If you want to know everything, I invite you to read this post and see the photographs through which we will go through all its corners. I tell you how the project was conceived and what are its main characteristics.

Concrete house
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Housing with sculptural focus

This house has been designed with a certain sculptural focus. In the first place, a work plan was carried out that, during a year, was shaping the design of the house in a joint work between the architects and the client. This process has made it possible for the adopted solutions to move away from the conventional and bet on innovation. This translates into a careful and functional interior and a spectacular exterior.

The concrete blocks

To create this house, concrete blocks have been recovered as a way to take advantage of the tons that are wasted each year of this material. Each block is a by-product of the excess concrete of several projects carried out in the region. This concrete was introduced in steel buckets and the ideal material for this project was obtained.

Concrete house
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A tribute to the history of this place

In this way, with these blocks (270 have been used in total) the perimeter of the walls has been designed and they all have their own history (they come from a building, a bridge, a path …). This has allowed to conceive a collage of textures and tonalities in the different facades of the house. The textures imitate the layers of the earth that remain visible as a vestige of what was once this place: a gold mine that later became the local sawmill. The wood slats and wood inside pay homage to the most contemporary history of the area.

Large doors and screens

The space adapts to the different social and climatic circumstances thanks to the use of large doors and screens. Even in bedrooms, for example, thanks to this design it is possible to almost sleep outdoors when desired. It is only necessary to open one of these doors and it will seem that we are in the outer zone.

Concrete house
Image Source: Google Image

A sustainable housing

The design of the house seeks to take full advantage of the cross ventilation that is created thanks to the breeze that blows in this place. The exterior walkway and a central patio heat the interior rooms naturally during the winter. And in summer, excessive warming is avoided.

The decoration of this Australian home

As for the decoration that has been used to dress this spectacular Australian house, highlights the sobriety of all the areas that we can see in the photographs. There are hardly any decorative elements and we do appreciate a clear commitment to the functionality of the spaces. A lot of wood and some textiles in the living room and bedrooms make it, despite the simplicity, a very cozy place.


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