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The Disadvantages of Living on a Busy Road

The advantages of living on a busy street include easy access to the main attractions of the city. You can walk to your favourite restaurant, coffee shop, and public park, without ever having to endure rush-hour traffic. In addition to the convenience of walking and biking, there are also plenty of bus routes and bike paths for you to enjoy.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of living on a busy street is the increased noise from passing traffic. Although double glazing can minimise noise from the street, there is still a significant risk of noise coming through the windows. It is also possible that passing vehicles may be able to see into your home, which can be worrying if you have children. If you value privacy, living on a busy road may not be for you.

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The most obvious disadvantage of living near a busy road is the noise from traffic. Many people find the noise to be unbearable, but it’s not always a problem for others. The additional traffic from a busy road may not put off some people, so some people don’t mind living near it if it means a less hectic commute. However, the lack of privacy might make your property unattractive to home buyers.

Another disadvantage of living on a busy street is that people passing by could wander onto your property or even use your driveway to park or turn around in. To prevent this issue, consider Electric Gate Installers Cheltenham at a site like

Parking can also be a problem for busy city centre properties. Although some cities have designated parking lots for residents, most houses that front straight onto the pavement do not have these. You will probably need to keep your blinds shut if you value privacy. Alternatively, you may want to consider installing a fence around any small front garden to block people from walking on it.

The noise from traffic can be distracting to your sleep. The noise is most noticeable during peak hours. Whether you live on a busy road or a quiet street, you will be aware of the impact on your health and this includes exposure to air pollution too. It is important to know what to expect before deciding to purchase a home near a busy street.

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Air pollution is another factor to consider when living on a busy road. It may be hard to tolerate the fumes from passing vehicles. Noise pollution is probably the most obvious issue and there are numerous types of noise, from honking horns to late night parties in your neighbour’s house. One of the main drawbacks of living on a busy road is the noise, but you can minimise the noise pollution by taking steps to reduce your exposure. Noiseproofing and installing windows and doors can reduce the noise pollution, but they won’t eliminate it completely.



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