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6 Garage Essentials for Every Car Lover

Whether you’re moving into a new home with your first garage or looking to kick things up a notch, there are a few basics to get before you deal with anything else. Equip your garage with these essentials to make it a happier and more productive place via


Regardless of the type of car you own, or what you’re doing to it, you’ll eventually need to jack it up to work underneath it. Whether you’re getting the car off the ground to change a wheel or undertake maintenance, a good, high-lift jack rated for the weight of your car is an absolute necessity. It cannot be stressed enough – never get under a car that is only supported by the jack, always support the vehicle on jack stands. The higher-rated ones are great for safely holding the car well off the ground – making easier to work underneath.

  1. The Right Power Tools

Having to drill holes in things, is as guaranteed as death and taxes. Therefore at a bare minimum, every garage should have a power drill with a ½-inch chuck – along with a decent drill bit set in 1/8th increments. Power tools save time and do things your hands simply cannot, other handy ones to have are; impact driver, reciprocating saw, a rotary multi-tool, and the obligatory angle grinder. These days cordless is the way to go, they offer a lot of power, the convenience of portability, plus they can get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that corded units and air tools just can’t.

  1. Compressor

Pump up your tires. Blow debris out of things. Get that fresh-out-the-hair-salon look. Okay, maybe not that last one, but anyway you slice it, you need a basic compressor in your garage. A good air compressor goes beyond inflating tires, it allows you to clean and dry parts of your vehicle you wouldn’t normally be able to get to. It will allow you to run air tools and spray painting equipment. When compressor shopping – go big! As bigger is truly better when it comes to compressors – especially if you want to run power tools or spray paint, as these need a lot of air. Just be wary of dedicated commercial units, as they typically require a higher voltage than what’s commonly found in a residential garage.

  1. Work Bench

Aside from the walls and floors, a workbench is the most necessary part of any garage – you simply can’t get by without one. Having a firm, stable place to work on stuff is an absolute must – from both an ease and safety standpoint. Many car folks will choose to make their own, however, from steel to hardwood, built-in to portable, there are numerous benches on the market.

  1. Bench Vise

A bench vise helps you tighten, hammer, clamp, drill, bend, and squash anything and everything. Having a vise is like having another set of very, very strong hands, which we all know can make a world of difference when it comes time to performing garage-related tasks. As with compressors, bigger is better when vice shopping. The bigger units open wider, allowing to hold more things. The bigger units also have higher clamping force which is really important when it comes to tightening and loosening things being held in the vice. A 6-inch is about the minimum and always make sure it’s firmly secured to your workbench. Just like the chair you used when you’re trying to play games at online casinos us.

  1. Toolkit

A good tradesman never blames their tools. However, a good tradesman always has good tools. Having the right tool for the right job will make any task so much easier. Build up your collection over time and for the love of your tools, be wary of who you lend them to. A decent toolkit includes a ¼ and ½-inch drive socket sets, a good selection of wrenches, various pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, hammers, dead blow mallet, zip ties, multi-meter, duct tape, electrical tape, and tape measure. Buying junk may be cheaper up front, but you can bet it will fail you when you need it most – buy quality, look after it and you’ll have it for life.


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