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Landscape Lighting Tips

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any landscaping budget and can make both front and back yards shine all year long. A well lit space can remain beautiful after sunset, and proper lighting is an important safety feature for homeowners and guests alike. Flood lighting at the front entrance of a home provides both safety and security. Wall-washing is a technique that accentuates the exterior of the actual house, enhancing its curb appeal. For those who entertain or come and go at night; however, the lighting shouldn’t stop there.

Path lights not only provide parameters for walking at night, but can also showcase interesting plants, rocks and other focal points. A brightly lit bench strategically placed somewhere along the path will suggest a place for guests to stop and take in the ambiance of a well-lit garden. Path lights are all that is needed to light a walkway, but for a more dramatic effect, high and low lighting techniques are often combined. Since each type of light has a different wattage and range, it can be a good idea to go with a company that provides a free demonstration.


One interesting technique is placing lights high up in trees to simulate moonlight. This affect is appropriately called “moonlighting,” and has a very natural feel. A more common technique is placing two or more spotlights at the base of each tree to illuminate it from below. When it comes to illuminating trees, light positioning is used to create dramatic shadow effects. Trees can also be silhouetted from behind. Accenting trees and other key elements in the landscape is an exciting way to utilize outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting Tips


Strategically placed landscape lighting will highlight the water in a pool, fountain or pond. Colorful lights reflecting on water will take an already landscaped patio area to a whole new level. When lighting meets water, a romantic mood is easily achieved around the patio and pool area. Selecting lights in the right colors is important when highlighting water.


When configuring outdoor lighting, it is important that none of the lights shine directly at neighboring homes. Believe it or not, this would be considered light pollution. The point of utilizing landscape lighting techniques is to draw attention to the beauty of one’s own property. The correct lighting, when combined with other design elements, will give an outdoor space a resort like feel and a set your home apart from the other homes on the street.


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