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The best Automation devices for your home

Your home is getting smarter every day. Thanks to the Internet of Things, being able to automate everyday tasks around the home has never been easier, allowing you to control appliances with a simple click or even a voice command. If you own a home hub or a thermostat you can control from your phone, you’re well on your way to automating the rest of your home.

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Thanks to the incredible range of appliances available in the UK home automation has never been easier. Here’s a roundup of the best devices currently available.

The Amazon Echo

The Wink Hub 2 may integrate with a huge range of home automation protocols, but there’s a reason the Echo and the Echo Dot have been so incredibly popular. This easy-to-use voice-activated system uses If This Then That (IFTTT) to allow you to create your own recipes for voice controlling your home gadgets. The Echo Dot is designed to add Alexa functionality to an existing speaker, while the Echo Show features a touch screen for added functionality.

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LG Smart Security Wireless Camera

Although it’s not suitable for outdoors, this LG indoor camera is ideal for homeowners who want to keep an eye on their belongings with professional surveillance but without paying for a full professional installation. Using ADT’s Canopy service, this clever camera will keep an eye out for trouble 24/7.

Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

The stylish Ecobee 3 is designed to be controlled remotely but uses multiple sensors in multiple rooms to give pinpoint accurate temperature readings and monitor the temperature of your home with incredible efficiency.

Philipps Hue bulbs

The Hue lighting system will work with Alexa and Siri plus IFTTT to give you complete control over your home lighting. Available in white and coloured bulbs, you’ll have an incredibly granular level of control over brightness, intensity and colour for a lighting environment that is tailor-made for different rooms in the house.

QardioBase Smart Scale

Sleek and smart, these scales will track your BMI, muscle mass, fat and bone formation and share the info with an easy-to-use app. It can even monitor your pregnancy for the ultimate in home automation!


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