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3 Simple Ways to Update the Exterior of Your Home

At one point in time, you may have purchased what you thought was a picturesque home. However, as changing styles and trends influence new construction, your house may begin to feel outdated or out of place within the current neighborhood. Updating the exterior of your home may be a great way to give it that fresh, new look that you originally fell in love with.

Repaint the Exterior

Exterior paint may begin to deteriorate over time as it is exposed to the natural elements. Bold, bright or dark colors may fade into more soft and muted tones; this can cause a house to appear weathered and unkempt. Using white, cream or gray paint is a rather inexpensive way to revitalize your home’s exterior. Contrasting colors can be used for the trim or front door to achieve a more modern look. Exterior Painting Boston can be an ideal way to showcase one’s unique personality.

Incorporate New Landscaping

Overgrown hedges, weeds and bare trees are a sight for sore eyes. Planting new sod in one’s front yard can drastically improve its appearance; artificial turf may be beneficial when looking to landscape in arid climates or minimize maintenance. Flowers, planters and shrubbery can be used to showcase various pops of color and create a warm and welcoming feel.

Add Decorative Elements

Cobblestone walkways, picket fences and elegant fountains can serve as beautiful focal points for any front lawn. Walking paths may be ideal when trying to break up large areas of grass or showcase architectural landscape; meanwhile, fountains can attract birds and emit soothing nature sounds. If looking to add decorative features to the physical structure of one’s home, exterior plantation shutters can help add depth to the house.

Refurbishing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming process. A few simple tips can help keep the project as easy and cost-effective as possible.


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