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A Guide to Renting a Home

Finding a property to rent in the current climate can be tough – with a huge demand for rental properties, finding something that you are happy with, and that you can afford can be a challenge! If you are on the hunt for a rental property, here are some things that may help you to get the right one for you…

Looking for properties in the area that you want to live in is the first step. It may be that you can rent directly through a landlord, or it could be that it is managed by a letting agent, like these letting agents Cheltenham. There are benefits to both – for example, a landlord may require a smaller deposit than a letting agent, however, a letting agent will manage the property and ensure that it is well maintained. It is also worth registering with a letting agent as many rental properties are getting snapped up quickly at the moment and if they know that you are interested in a property and have one come in that might suit you, then they can let you know straight away.

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Something else that you will need to remember is that you are likely to have certain rules when you are renting a property, so if you have children, pets or you smoke, you will need to find a property that is happy to allow these. If you are dishonest, it is likely that an inspection of the property could give you away and then you would be in breach of your tenancy agreement. Always be upfront when you are looking for a property to rent, as it saves a headache further down the line!

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It is also important to ask questions and be aware of what is expected of you and what you can expect from your landlord, or the letting agent before you move in. Find out how much the rent is, when it is due to be paid, and whether it includes other bills such as utilities. It is also good to find out who you need to speak to if you need emergency repair work to be done, and how long your tenancy is for, as well as whether you can renew it if you like, or end it before it is up.


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