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Black color decoration
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Ideas to enter the black color decoration

The other day we saw how to decorate with colors fluorine and today we will go to the opposite side: black. Sometimes it seems that scares enter this key in home decoration but, however, the possibilities are amazing. It is elegant and full of personality. You used to small doses or in larger amounts, get a decoration that goes with everything and never goes out of style. We discovered several thoughts to help you dress up your home with this color.

Sophisticated, high-impact decoration

Undoubtedly, the black color in the decor will help create a very elegant atmosphere and high impact. Whether you bet this color for furniture to walls, floors or accessories sure the result is spectacular. It looks great in minimalist styles and rooms with a Zen style (especially combined with white). It is also sensational in modern environments and even if you add other classic furniture that style.

Black color decoration
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The walls in black

We know that white walls and light colors will give the illusion of more space. But if the room is large enough and has lots of natural light, a black wall causes a great impact. No need to paint them all with one or two that stand out from the rest is more than enough.

Painted paper

You can paint the walls painted black or use a paper with a pattern that adds a touch of elegance to the room.

Black furniture

If you decant a black wall for your living room, for example, can be very cool if you add large piece of furniture of this tone, for example, a sofa or cabinet. Put on one of the walls have been white and you’ll see what a contrast prettier get.

Black color decoration
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Kitchen with black furniture

One of the places where you can use the black color is in the kitchen. Why not put some impressive black furniture? You can also use on countertops, walls, floors and appliances. Please note, once again, lighting the room have (natural or artificial, but quality) so that there is space visually diminished. Another idea is to paint one wall of the kitchen with black paint of slate, is very practical and very decorative at the same time.

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Complements and accessories

Although the idea is that the black fill as much space as possible, if you dare not paint the walls or floors of this color so you can use in supplements and decorative accessories, more subtle with a light touch to your decor mode. A vase, a painting, cushions and textiles bedroom … On a safe neutral background that highlights a lot.

Black color decoration
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In the bathroom

Whenever we imagine a bathroom think of white as the main color for walls, furniture and sanitary. But, if you dare, with black’re going to get create a totally stay different and special.

Combination with other colors

The black and white is always effective combination. White will help soften the strength of black and create spectacular contrasts. But you know, the black paste with everything, so you can also supplement it with other colors like yellow, pink or mauve, for example.


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