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Three Ways to Ensure that your Home Office is Safe from Thieves

An office is a place that not only contains a lot of expensive equipment such as computers, but often also contains a lot of confidential information, both on the computers themselves and the data that is stored in filing cabinets. Because of this, offices are attractive to criminals who look to steal the high value equipment, as well as personal data.

Because more and more of us are now working from home, this can pose a problem when it comes to protecting your office. Most modern commercial office buildings will be protected by a professional security system, such as those provided by this CCTV installation Manchester based company but when it comes to working from home this is not the case. So how do you ensure that you are doing the best you can to keep everything safe and secure when you are working from home? Here are a few ideas…

Secure all Devices – Making sure that your security is good on your laptop, computer, phone and all other work electronics that you use is very important. Pay attention to everything, including your router and your printer, as these can also be hacked and the data within them stolen by criminals. Make sure all confidential material is well protected by a strong password, and that you safeguard all devices this way. Don’t be tempted to leave passwords for these things lying around either!

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Increase your Home Security – Working from home means that you are there more, but this is no reason to neglect your home security, especially as the office in your home could be an attraction to thieves. Use equipment like security lighting around your home, as well as cameras and burglar alarms as these act as a burglar deterrent and should ensure that your home enjoys greater protection from criminals.

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Don’t Share Work Devices with Anyone – Keep your work devices just for that – work. Do not allow family members to use them as this could breach the security of these devices and allow access to confidential or sensitive data. Not that your family members may intentionally cause this risk but could unwittingly download a virus or open a phishing email for example, and this could risk the private data that is stored on there.


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