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10 ideas for small bathrooms

The small bathrooms usually have very few square meters, little light … These two drawbacks do not stop our imagination.

when it comes to decorating the bathroom and getting the most out of it. The new trends point towards a practical decoration that helps us to disconnect from our routine and give us a few minutes of relaxation.

This concept of the bathroom as a spa with decorative details, increasingly sophisticated furniture makes the decoration play an increasingly important role. Do you want to see our ideas for small bathrooms?

 ideas for small bathrooms

#1. The first key is to get an orderly bath. If we do not have much space it is best to maintain order without products in sight. For this, we can resort to wicker baskets, which can be found in different colors and styles. Read more: How to design your bedroom: 5 best ideas

#2. Drawer format furniture is much more comfortable and easy to order. Only by opening the drawer can we see all the products without any effort.

#3. When it comes to organizing drawers or furniture and making the most of space, accessories such as boxes or glass jars will be essential. In addition to this form, we will be easier to clean, have everything at hand and can be aesthetic if we keep the same style.

#4. If the dimensions are very small, in addition to the low sink cabinet, we will need other resources such as trolleys, shelves, shelves above the toilet …

best small bathrooms

#5. Mirrors are the essential complement in the bathroom. Not only to look at us, but also to enhance the light and achieve a greater sense of space. Therefore try to bet on large formats and without the frame.

#6. In the textile section, it is essential to look at soft colors. For example, the cakes that are fashionable are great to give a relaxed air to the bathroom, not saturate … At this point, it is best to coordinate the washbasin towel, with the shower and the floor mat.

#7. The area of the shower or bathtub is usually conflicting. We must order the gel, shampoo, moisturizer, hair mask … The options range from shelves, baskets or brass cubes for a vintage touch.

top small bathrooms

#8. Screens can help us create more space if we choose them transparently. This way we are not going to visually cut the stay.

#9. When choosing to side, it is best to choose soft colors without much contrast. If we like white is going to be our best option to give a sense of spaciousness.  In addition, we should not close ourselves to new materials such as wallpaper.

#10. Although we do not have much space we should not give up the idea of personalizing the bathroom with decorative paper, pictures, photographs, old cologne bottles, fresh flowers.

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