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The Latest Trends in Interior Design

The latest trends in interior design include softer geometric shapes. Curved sofas and walls were predicted for 2022 by Pinterest. These curved pieces appear at a variety of retail outlets. According to interior designer Kristin Bartone, rounded shapes are more comfortable than sharp angles. Aside from being more relaxed, rounded forms also look more modern. For more ideas on interior design, you can learn more through different Interior design services in your area, like the Charlotte Interior Designer for example. 

Multifunctional spaces

When interior designers create spaces that integrate multiple functions, they create a home with many purposes. This type of space is similar to mixed-use development, but the primary difference lies in the use of the area. Multifunctional space is more likely to attract diverse communities and foster an exchange of ideas and experiences. Therefore, it can improve the home’s appearance and add value to the property. Here are some examples of spaces that can serve multiple functions.

Colored Concrete

Concrete is an excellent option for any interior design project, as you can cast it into various shapes and finishes. Its low-maintenance properties make it an excellent alternative to other materials like hardwood floors. This material is particularly suited for flooring and wall panels, and it can be carved into many different items, such as benches and art pieces. Colored concrete is a stylish choice to elevate any space, whether a contemporary home or a communal area.

Statement Ceilings

For centuries, a statement ceiling was considered the height of luxury. This trend was virtually unheard of during the war, and the top quickly fell out of fashion. By the 1940s, the ceiling was practically obsolete, and the minimalism movement made statement ceilings uncool again. However, Pinterest recently reported that searches for “statement ceilings” had increased 300 percent in the last year. As a result, experts predict that the ceilings will soon enjoy a comeback.

Bohemian Style

To achieve a distinctly bohemian look, you must fill each physical space with personal objects and accessories. To create a cohesive look, you must incorporate new and old pieces into your living room. Vintage brass plates don’t have to match. Kitsch, or well-loved items, can add fun and charm to the room. Besides, the bohemian decor is a great way to save money on a new furniture set.

Natural Wood

If you’re a designer, you may be excited to learn that natural wood is making a comeback. With its varying tones and grain patterns, natural wood lends itself to various interior design styles. By incorporating natural wood into your interior design scheme, you can showcase your personality and create a show-stopping moment in any room. And it does all this without compromising comfort or quality.

Statement Furniture

One of the latest trends in interior design involves using statement pieces as an anchor for your room. These pieces are often multifunctional, serving as a focal point, and drawing the eye in. You can use almost anything to create a statement piece, from a chair to an entire room. But the key to making a statement piece work is choosing one you love that will last for a long time.

Statement Fabrics

Organic shapes replace clear lines and boxy edges, making statement fabrics the latest design trend. Puffy sofas, chairs, curved furniture, mirrors, artwork, and more are all part of this new design style. First, get rid of those plain white or neutral-colored wall panels. Next, add a couple of bold-colored throw pillows and a statement rug.


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