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British Trees are the Best Choice for Your Garden

When choosing a tree for your garden, there are so many varieties on offer nowadays that it can be easy to be swayed by the exotic looking trees from Asia or America. However, something that will always be the better choice for a garden tree in the UK is one of the British native tree species. As well as the fact that there are many different types, these trees have evolved over millions of years to be perfectly at home on British soil, and will not need as much attention, and the risk of them dying will be much lower. However, for all trees it is important that as they grow, you have a professional like Kieran Boyland tree surgeon Poole come and check the tree for you and help with maintenance and health of the tree.

Another good reason to always choose a native tree, is the fact that they are also an important resource for our native wildlife. Many species of birds, insects and mammals rely on the trees that are native to the UK for survival. Some creatures are linked closely to certain trees and favour them above all others – for example, the Purple Emperor Butterfly is reliant on oak trees, and can usually be seen fluttering around the upper branches of the Oak tree on a fine summer’s day.

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So, what are some of the best trees to consider for your garden that are UK natives? Here are a few that might tempt you…

Silver Birch – One of the favourite UK garden trees, these are beautiful trees with their distinct silvery trunks. If you wander through a birch woodland in the winter, the colour looks quite striking when all the greenery is gone from the trees. The birch tree is a pioneer species, and one of the first to come back after the ice age.

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Holly – This is a festive favourite, but a beautiful tree all year around. In ancient times, Holly was believed to have protective powers, and was believed to be the tree that ruled the dark half of the year, due to its evergreen leaves. It is also a handy tree if you want to keep burglars out of the garden!

Hawthorn – Also known as the May tree, hawthorn is not only beloved by wildlife, but legend has it by fairies too! This tree that is strongly associated with May due to its stunning blossoms that appear around May day each year is a great garden tree.


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