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Add a Garden Summerhouse to Get the Most out of Your Garden this Summer

Enjoying the garden is a big part of the summer, and something that lots of people like to do at this time of the year is to create a garden paradise that they can sit out in and enjoy. Going and choosing plants from a garden centre or ordering plants from the comfort of your home online which is now something that we can do with the help of modern technology, and places like Palmstead plants for trade nursery based in Kent.

Making the garden an enjoyable place to spend time helps us to make more of the summer and can also help us to feel more relaxed and it is a great way to de-stress after a hard day at work. Of course, being in Britain the weather in the summer can be a little unpredictable, so having a space to enjoy the garden in, even if the heat is unbearable or the heavens have opened is another way that you can get more out of your garden in the summer.

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A summerhouse is something that can really add another level of pleasure to the garden. There are so many styles and designs around that you will be able to find one for most garden styles, sizes and layouts. Have a look at gardens that are similar to yours that have summerhouses in them for inspiration.

When it comes to creating the perfect interior of the summerhouse, there are two main things to consider – the size of the structure and what you would most like to use it for. Furnish it with comfy cushions and seating if you want a place for an afternoon siesta, or to enjoy a book. Maybe you want to spend some time doing crafts whilst surrounded by the beautiful garden and protected from the elements. Or perhaps you like to entertain, so you could consider making it in the style of a bar. It really is down to your own personal choice.

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For the exterior, you can create a wild and natural look – grow ivy up it which is a great evergreen plant which is hardy too, and in the summer growing climbing plants like honeysuckle up it is also a great way to incorporate it into the garden. You can also add some pretty solar lights which look beautiful once the sun goes down.


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