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Top flooring trends to consider for your home

Some interesting flooring trends will entail using flooring in different ways as part of a fresh look at the way living spaces are designed in general. These trends can be used across a variety of accommodation types from flats and houses through to cottages and Park Homes Gloucester way such as

Here are some considerations for your flooring choices.

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Broken plan, not open plan

Large, open spaces are being broken up into distinct functional areas with different flooring colours and finishes. The new concept is called “broken plan” rather than “open plan”, according to HouseBeautiful. It doesn’t involve putting up walls; instead, bookcases, dividers, wine racks, shelving and other pieces of furniture will demarcate different zones for different types of activity.

Families in particular may need a quiet area, a cooking and eating zone, and a snug TV-watching area. The easiest way to zone a living space is through different flooring. Let’s say you love engineered flooring. In the last few years, you will most likely have chosen a colour and gone for a big, uniform floor right across the entire living space.

Now, people are tending to say they want a cool, calm, light area with a light floor as a study and reading area, with something warmer in the kitchen and perhaps a dark wood floor in the TV area to show off a really nice rug. It’s a trend that is ideal for families because several people can use the space in different ways while all being together in one place.

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Zero shades of grey

Well, not quite zero, but grey is definitely last year’s choice. 2018 will see more people choosing “greige”. It doesn’t sound like much of a change, but greige has more brown tones in it than grey, so it’s warmer. It’s also a subtler colour, which means it goes with a far wider range of treatments in terms of curtains, wall colours and furniture. Greige is definitely the new neutral of choice.

Basement conversions

If you’re joining the trend for a basement conversion, you’ll find that hardwood flooring is unsuitable because it won’t deal with higher moisture levels. Engineered floor materials are going to be very popular in these basement projects because their construction will make them far less likely to warp and soak up the moisture in the basement.


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