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House in Florida
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A triangular house in Florida

We are heading to a dream location located in Atlantic Beach, Florida, to experience this stunning beach house with a triangular design. This home was designed by architect William Morgan Jacksonville in 1973, for him and his family, and is for sale worth $1.75 million. It is interwoven between two other Morgan designs: the fantastic Dune House and the Dylan Morgan House (built for her son). We visit your rooms and enjoy a spectacular design for this beach house that is located next to the sea and will allow anyone who buys it to enjoy a privileged environment and a place to live with a lot of possibilities.

House in Florida
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Its main features

This house has an area of ​​more than 175 square meters and is designed according to two triangular prisms of different sizes. The larger is more rectangle, and the strait slopes down, towards the beach. From the outside it is very characteristic, with a great personality. But the interior does not fall short …

The common areas

We begin with the common areas. The main living area is joined to the living room with fireplace, the dining room and the open kitchen, which together open onto a porch which is accessed through sliding glass doors. On the other side, very close, is the beach. A ladder in the middle of this common space leads directly to the geometric cover, where a path leads, likewise, to the beach.

House in Florida
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The decoration of this shared space

The wood is the main material inside this house. In this common space we see it in walls and ceiling, leaving the floor with tiles. Even so, it never loses its warmth. To this also contributes the use of the textiles and the decorative complements. A white sofa with printed cushions dominates the room, which is complemented by other elements such as paintings and plants. It also has a very special corner for relaxation, with a wooden bench and white cushions next to the fireplace.

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Private spaces

As for the private rooms, a loft above the common room that we just know serves to house the master bedroom and the architect’s studio. The other two en-suite bedrooms are located below. They also have private porches and in the photos we see that the awnings can be closed to create a completely tilted outer wall.

House in Florida
Image Source: Google Image

The master bedroom

We have already mentioned it before last, but this space deserves that we pause a little more. It is a room where the bed is located on the back wall and is completed by a work table at the other end and a low wooden shelf. It seems the ideal place where to rest and where to let the creativity flow, since it combines tranquility with work that, although we always say that it is necessary to separate it in two different spaces, in this case it has been decided to put everything together.


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