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How to Ensure Your Home Is Attractive for Burglars

Sadly, it is often only when you or your loved ones have been the victims of burglars that you really pay attention to what needs to be done to secure your home and possessions. Instead of leaving things to chance and hoping that you’ll not become a crime statistic, have a look at some of the ways in which burglars target your home so that you can take preventative measures.

How to Ensure Your Home Is Attractive for Burglars

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Darkness Is Great When It Comes to Crime

If you want to help someone to break into your home without detection, make sure that you have plenty of cover and little lighting. No self-respecting burglar is going to want to approach a home that is well lit, has a garden that doesn’t provide cover close to the building and cannot be easily accessed via open windows and doors at ground level. Burglars like to be as hidden as possible so that they don’t draw attention to their activities, so if you really want to deter them, keep trees and bushes well maintained and well lit.

For those areas that are naturally steeped in shadow, think about installing security lighting. Simple feature lighting that is in keeping with the style of the home and garden can be enough to deter all but the most determined criminal. Solar lighting that automatically switches on at dusk is ideal.

Making Access Easy to All

If you really want to make your home attractive to burglars, ensure that any access to your home is unimpeded. Driveways should be open to anyone and you should never consider having gates. If, however, your intention is to secure access, you should think about installing automatic gates.

Suppliers of automatic gates in Gloucester, Leicester, Worcester and any other place will be able to advise you on the best set-up for your circumstances and can provide you with stylish and secure access to your driveway. For example, automatic gates by, whether for the drive or for pedestrian access, can provide a great barrier to ne’er-do-wells whilst still not impeding legitimate callers.

Safeguarding your home needn’t be a headache. A few simple yet effective steps can minimise your risk, so make one or two small changes to help ensure that your possessions do not fall into the wrong hands.


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