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Keys to choose curtains for your sweet home

9 Keys to choose curtains for your sweet home

The importance of curtains as a decorative element of our home is becoming increasingly strong. They are no longer simple pieces of cloth that cover the windows or prevent our neighbors gossiping inside our house but are key to give light to our rooms. Therefore, it is very important that we do not make mistakes when choosing them. For this, we give you 9 keys to choose curtains correctly for your sweet home.

9 Keys to choose curtains are given below

  1. Rushing is never good
  2. Find the balance between light and visibility
  3. Do not forget the main mission
  4. Take the measurements
  5. Calculate the necessary fabric
  6. Find the ideal location
  7. Match and hit
  8. Remember that any fabric is not worth
  9. Coordinate without suffocating

Keys to choose curtains-1: Rushing is never good

The first thing you have to take into account when choosing curtains is the light intensity with which the windows count, even the best-coordinated falls can be a disaster if we do not consider this point.

Windows that are oriented to the north always receive less amount of light than those that are oriented to the south, so it is advisable to place a curtain or a curtain fluid little dense to get as much light as possible. And, on the contrary, if they are oriented to the south, opt for some option that blocks the most intense sunbeams. Rushing is never good

Keys to choose curtains-2: Find the balance between light and visibility

The most logical thing to compensate for the lack of light in a room is to put a finite curtain and thus take advantage of the maximum possible light. Although at first sight, it seems a good idea, we also have to think about those moments when it is done at night and with the light of the interior lit, we must protect our privacy from prying eyes. Something that transparent sheers, more suitable to suggest than to hide, cannot guarantee.

In these cases, it is best to combine two layers: one translucent for the day and one opaque, or rather denser, for the night. It is likely that this combination reminds you of the typical old curtains of a palace, but nothing is further from reality. There are many possible combinations such as, for example, combining roller blinds screen with blackout curtains, blinds of blinds, blinds night and day.

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Keys to choose curtains-3: Do not forget the main mission

In the end, we focus so much on finding curtains that give us decoratively that we forget their main mission, that of filtering the light. Not taking into account this point can have consequences such as not being able to wake up late in the morning if your room is facing east and you have a small window, or not being able to take a nap if you are facing west.

That’s why it’s always recommended that, whatever the chosen shade, combine it with opaque fabrics that allow you to block light, such as, for example, the foscurit that, in addition, will help you to regulate the interior temperature of the room.Do not forget the main mission

Keys to choose curtains-4: Take the measurements

It may seem obvious, but there are many people who believe that they can calculate the measurement by eye or without taking into account the available space. The consequences are worse when they make you the bar or the customized rails. It is vital to take into account the 30 centimeters that we must leave on each side of the window in order to comfortably open the falls and avoid seeing the window frames.

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Keys to choose curtains-5: Calculate the necessary fabric

Has it ever happened to you that you chose a canvas in the exhibition and then it looks simple and boring in your window? Practically sure that the problem does not lie in the quality of the fabric, but in the quantity with which the curtains have been made.

To calculate the amount of fabric needed to make the curtains, it is advisable to multiply the hole to be covered by 2 or 2.5, even according to the chosen construction, multiply it by 3, apart from about 10 centimeters on each side to make the hem.Calculate the necessary fabric

Keys to choose curtains-6: Find the ideal location

Just as skinny pants lengthen legs and straight pants shorten them, the place where you place the curtain rod will greatly influence the final result. Whatever the measurements of the curtains, they will always be more stylized if you place them from the ceiling than if you place them just above the window.

Do not forget the height of the curtains: the fabric should have about 35 centimeters more than total measures you will need the curtain to be able to make the upper fastening the hem and avoid unforeseen when it comes to washing them. If you want them to drag, add another 10 centimeters. It is important that we take this into account so that it does not look like our walls have hit the lug.

Keys to choose curtains-7: Match and hit

It has happened to all of us, love at first sight with that trend tropical prints that will be great in our room. And months later you see yourself changing all the decoration because they no longer fit into the room. This is what happens when we give all the prominence to the patterned and colorful curtains or large drawings.

So you have two options: opt for plain fabrics or light colors that combine perfectly with all the elements of the room or turn your patterned curtains into the center of attention reducing the impact with other elements with less visual weight, such as the sofa, the cushions or carpets to prevent them from competing with each other.Match and hit

Keys to choose curtains-8: Remember that any fabric is not worth

We can choose the curtains based on a visual element that we like and combine well with our room, or choose them based on the practices and be lasting that will be with the passage of time, which is not at odds with that they are equally beautiful. A curtain, however beautiful it may be, will not look the same if it does not have a good fall, which is provided by fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk. Although, by contrast, have a number of drawbacks such as the tendency to shrink or discoloration by the intrusion of the sun in the case of intense colors.

The solution is to choose curtains that combine components of natural and synthetic fibers that give them stability against water and light and enjoy a practical and decorative element.

Keys to choose curtains-9: Coordinate without suffocating

The use of the same fabric for curtains, cushions, and upholstery is no longer fashionable. Far from getting a cozy effect, we will achieve a claustrophobic stay. It does not mean that for fear of this effect, we end up with a color scheme of the most neutral and bland. You can opt for some curtains with some enhancement or stamping if your furniture is smooth and sober or for some smooth if you have upholstery or patterned decoration. Both combinations must, of course, integrate the color palette of the different elements.Coordinate without suffocating

We hope you will like these keys to choose curtain for your sweet home. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!



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