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A new property Santanyi: an extraordinary sense of life!

Not long that belongs an elegant country house in Santanyi in Mallorca ago. Here, in his second home, you want to go today half of their year. Fully rested, leaving you his lavish estate on a Wednesday morning and goes through the streets of Santanyi. The sun shines in the sky. You hear the chirping of birds and a small scooter passes him. When driving, observe the ancient walls and the gate of the city, chestnuts sun. Walk through the narrow alleys care with beautiful houses and hear from afar a meeting of many people.

On his way to Santanyi, suddenly you think of the city, with its varied cuisine, prepared must have something for every palate. The India Restaurant, which promises an authentic atmosphere with Indian specialties, has quickly caught his attention. At the same time, in passing, you noticed the name of the Italian restaurant is Vinget. Here you should take a look on occasion.

You are now in the market Santanyi where on Wednesdays and Saturdays before noon traders raise their shops. Also in the different market stalls rich culinary offerings of the city that has reflected. From seafood specialties to fruits, vegetables, ornaments, and clothing, this market offers everything his heart longs shopping cart fills quickly with the various regional delicacies.

A new property Santanyi

After the purchase under the Majorcan midday sun, it is time to cool off! Enjoy the fresh turquoise pool in your new home and swim a few laps before the spell appreciates shopping turned into paella. You love your new town and love Santanyi after the first ride. In Mallorca, everything is perfect, simply. Everything is as you dreamed.


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