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What is hygge? Happiness, according to the Danes

It is pronounced something like hugge and is the secret of happiness as the Danes . Surely you have already heard of this concept that lately everyone is talking about.

The hygge is a Danish word that literally means “things that make you feel good.” And what will this concept have to do with the world of decoration, you’ll be wondering. Actually, much more than you can imagine. We tell you what is this the hygge and how to apply it to your home.

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What is hygge?

If we consider that Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world (or at least so they say), then we have to trust them and their philosophy hygge.

Now, what is the hygge? This word without translation encourages us to enjoy the little pleasures of life. It is something like a lifestyle, an attitude but also an atmosphere that is cozy and relaxed. In short, finding time to take care and enjoy the little things that make life interesting.

Open the house to the outside

And how can we apply this concept to the decoration of the house? The Danes advise us to open the house to the outside. Due to their geographical situation and their climatic conditions, the Danes enjoy few hours of sunlight and an unappetizing climate. Far from what many people might think, the Danes have been able to take advantage of their lifestyle.

This explains why the Nordic dwellings opt for open spaces. This type of architecture eliminates obstacles and allows light to flow better in all corners. And it is that open to the outside homes are filled with life and energy. But there is more philosophy hygge also encourages us to enjoy these spaces in the company of our loved ones: cookouts, gatherings fresco …

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Enjoy cooking in company

Food is another of the small pleasures of life. Something that the Danes know very well, that is why the kitchen becomes one of their favorite places of the house. We all know the importance of eating healthy and good. But also the concept hygge encourages us to cook in company: an excuse to enjoy our loved ones and share unique moments and unforgettable experiences.

For this, our kitchen must be clean and well organized. Aesthetically, it is recommended to decorate this space with furniture and accessories that we find beautiful. It is about creating a pleasant atmosphere in which we want to be and enjoy cooking.

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Decorate relaxed and welcoming environments

It may seem obvious but we often forget about it. Lighting is very important to create the right atmosphere. If we are inspired by the philosophy hygge, we must ensure a warm and welcoming light that favor relaxation, especially in areas of the house intended to rest. For example? Yellow lights, lamps with a display that emits a diffused light or with wall-mounted appliques to avoid direct light.

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To create the relaxed and tranquil setting we should not forget the small details like candles, plants and flowers, cozy textiles that add comfort … It’s about creating environments that promote relaxation and well – being.

As far as furniture is concerned, it is recommended to avoid overloaded and superfluous designs. Ideally furniture are rounded, as the round designs surround us and make us feel more secure. While straight forms are more aggressive.

To create relaxed environments Danes also recommend us to choose light colors and earth tones and always opt for natural materials such as wood, cotton …

The key to fulfill all these purposes philosophy hygge? Find the right time and make room in our life for these pleasures. What’s yours?


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