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Fantastic wall decor will help make the children’s room bright and boring in just 5 minutes

Fantastic wall decor – If you want to add brightness and beauty to the interior, then it’s not difficult to do it. You do not need much time or effort to realize this stunning design fantasy. And your friends or guests will be delighted! For the embodiment of an amazing idea, you just need to prepare in advance jars with paint of different colors and several medical syringes.

How to a wall decor with a syringe

Fantastic wall decor

  1. Cover the floor with a plastic wrap so that it does not get stained with paint. Choose a color and fill the syringe with a paint. Lift the syringe to the ceiling and slowly squeeze the contents. A thin trickle will creep down, leaving a bright strip on the wall. Read more: How to Bypass the Party Wall
  2. Rotate different colors to make the effect more fun and festive.
  3. Lines can be placed close to each other, but you can leave the distance between them a little more. Here everything depends on your imagination. There are no restrictions on creativity, so just enjoy your work. Read more: Decoration of the apartment 10 decor ideas of the living room

best  wall decor

It is not necessary that each strip ends at the baseboard. If the syringe is not squeezed completely, the line will be shorter. This also has its own charm and unique uniqueness of the composition.

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