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hydraulic vinyl floor
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How to decorate with hydraulic vinyl floor

Floors hydraulic tiles are impressive. Decorative and with a strong personality, not remain indifferent to whom the treads. A time now have become one of those classic reinterpreted and reinvented that niche in modern homes; we see a lot in kitchens but also in other rooms, and we must be cautious in their use since, alone, dressed much any room and it is important not recharge it with other decorative objects.

The only problem they have is to do work to place them. However, quiet, there’s always a solution to every problem! In addition, if what you want is a hydraulic floor without lifting that you already have some ideas to get with the help of one of the most comfortable formats: the vinyl.

hydraulic vinyl floor
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Hydraulic vinyl floor in click

A new hydraulic vinyl floor that you can place in your home is in format click. It is the same design as a tile but lama, easy, clean and quick to install. Will allow you to make a complete change in the room recreating an ambiance of the 20s and 30s, great for decorating rustic or vintage.

Differentiated zones

These hydraulic vinyl floors can place click occupying the entire surface or creating carpets or different areas, without covering it completely, making a valance or integrating the lamas in other decorative elements that have the stay.

hydraulic vinyl floor
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Ideas for combining colors

If you want to create an environment quiet, rustic or with a touch shabby chic blue colors, brown or sand, combined with textures like wood or skin, be wonderful. For a stay, more activity you can opt for warm colors like red or orange, very happy and vital.

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Hydraulic vinyl in the kitchen

One of the most beautiful places is going to be your hydraulic vinyl flooring is in the kitchen. Heritage use until the 60s was done in the countries on both sides of the Mediterranean, help us creates an environment most special in this room, with a retro feel, somewhat rustic, and with strong personality. You can wear them with different geometric patterns and colors, to get that unique stay through the ground you walk by every day…

hydraulic vinyl floor
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The advantages of this type of soil

These hydraulic floors can be installed easily in any area, which is not porous, allowing placement without having to work. The system lama click still gets easier to put on, as it will avoid having to use a primer or adhesive reinforcement. It is a warm soil and requires very little maintenance, is resistant to shock and moisture, and is slip resistant. They also provide thermal insulation, so if you like the aesthetics of hydraulic tiles these soils can become a great choice for your home.

Hydraulic carpets

As I said before, another option is to leave some bare soil and create a kind of hydraulic carpet to get that touch of old tile but without cluttering the space. To be glued down completely avoid involuntary tripping. The can be easily cleaned and are very resistant.


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