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Ideas for designing serene environments at home

If you are one of those who love to enjoy pleasant moments at home, you will think that in a serene atmosphere everything will be better. Your home becomes that refuge in which to escape from stress, in which to disconnect after a long day of work. Hence, it is important to create that balanced and quiet atmosphere in your home. How to get it? We give you some ideas for it.

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Which colors to choose?

As we have told you on many occasions, the colors you choose to decorate your home will influence your mood. If you choose your favorite shades you will be able to design an environment where you want to be and that gives you positive emotions. And if you want to be guided by the chromotherapy, the neutral, soft and luminous tones will be a great choice. Cold colors like blue or green favor that feeling of relaxation. You will also achieve it with white, a symbol of purity and serenity.

The light

To design quiet environments light is fundamental. A good natural lighting will be essential to give your room that cozy feeling we want to achieve at home. And when introducing artificial light, opt for warm tones for your bulbs. The candles will also help you create that relaxing atmosphere, although natural light will always be your best ally.

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An orderly house

Do you visualize yourself enjoying a moment of relaxation at home with everything around you scrambled or off your site? It’s really complicated. That is why order is an essential part of that serene and calm home in which you want to live. Use storage systems that allow you to organize the available space well and keep your house always clean and tidy.

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Materials that will help you create serene environments

The wood is very warm and the naturalness and comfort that it brings is very interesting to create a quiet atmosphere. Especially if it is light colored, as it will be more luminous. In textiles, you choose natural materials such as cotton, wool or linen for bedding, curtains, bath towels or cushions.

The plants will be your best friends

It does not matter what room you want to feel at ease. A plant, or several, will always help you to be. With that green and natural touch they bring you will make any space more cozy and you can create some very special corners.

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The smells also influence the decoration, especially when we want to be calm and feel comfortable and comforted. That’s why you can play with aromatherapy, designing your own natural air fresheners. Also, it is important to neutralize the odors and to renew the air of the rooms by ventilating them every day.

Your most personal redoubt

Many times, to be calm, we just need to feel at home. That feeling we have when we are on our couch and everything around us is in place. Where it has to be. So, to decorate in a quiet way, it is enough that what surrounds you is what you feel most comfortable: a special painting, some photos that make you smile when you see them, a blanket on the legs.


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