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How to improve the layout of the house

While housing is small when the distribution of it plays a fundamental role take advantage of all the spaces, but also is larger it is important to know organize stays to make the most of the square meters.

The thoughts that you have in today’s article are aimed at improving the distribution of your house; thus, you can enjoy every corner and every available space, whether much or little, using those characteristics to feel comfortable in your home.

 layout of the house
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The kitchen

In the kitchen water outlets and location of pipes usually you mark the distribution of stay. However, there are things that are in our power to improve. For example, place the refrigerator so that the open your door does not interfere with the passage, leaving about 5 centimeters away from the wall so that it is not overheating.

Eating bar

If you extend a little countertop, will create added with a small bar and breakfast where you can eat comfortably. Add a few stools and will no longer need hardly you put a table …

The room

Usually one of the places where we spend more time watching television, reading, enjoying a meal with friends. It is therefore very important that this room is well laid out to favor the transit differentiate spaces gastronomic of the dedicated to relax and to take advantage of the natural light available. Try the table and chairs are in an area other than the area of the sofa; if your room is small that you can do visually separating environments with a carpet or using different materials and textures.

 layout of the house
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If your living room is small, you have to leave passageways to move with comfort but without wasting the available space. If one of the walls is uneven and, for example, makes a curve, this gap placed in an armchair and design a reading corner.

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The bedroom

To gain breadth and seize the bedroom space introduces proportional furniture to size; so you will design a comfortable and balanced environment conducive to rest. Enter storage elements that do not take away anything of style to the room but help you keep everything in place; The order is very important throughout the house, and this stay more if possible, because it facilitates us to sleep better.

Win height space

Another very practical idea for rectangular, high-ceiling bedroom is to install a pallet on the floor to replace the mattress; on it you can put two mattresses and you will be ready two beds .Install a second height for a third bed. The idea is A! Living & Work Emotional and loved it.

 layout of the house
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Storage at the entrance

If you have a large hall fail to create a storage space Extra to help you keep everything that you will not fit in your closet. Sometimes the space behind the door is a little dead, so put some shelves with wooden boxes or wicker and a bank, for example, under which to leave your shoes always tidy. Furthermore, it is very decorative.

Pantry in the kitchen

If your kitchen is a dead end, a corner you do not know how to make, create a pantry to help you keep everything you need in this stay in the most orderly way possible and practical. Just close this space that does not fit any furniture well used but will become a good storage place.


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