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Boho décor ideas on a budget

If you are on a budget and you think you can’t afford to inject a bit of boho chic into your home, think again. In this article, we take a look at how you can achieve that hippy vibe without breaking the bank.

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Go with the flow

The whole premise behind boho decorating is that it blends a lot of different styles and themes from various cultures, including Asia, Morocco and India. Layers, colours, patterns and textures combine to give that extra wow factor. Much like its meaning, you don’t have to toe the line. The world is your oyster!

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A splash of colour

Splash and clash colour together, and you are halfway there! Stencils are a great way to decorate furniture and walls. From ceiling roses to design inlays on cabinets, using stencils with colour will help create that boho space.

Treat your windows

Do not go for the traditional curtains and blinds; mix it up with bamboo shades, beads on a string, and even some colourful sheets. Lace and fabric can add an extra layer, too.

Let there be light

Mix and match lamps and fabric; try car boot sales and flea markets to pick up a bargain. Think creatively and find your own Boho style. Or why not visit online retailers such as Creative Cables who have a wealth of Ceiling roses that can add a unique style and illumination to the room that again come in a range of designs, sizes and styles to provide a bright and trendy take on your interior design.

Dig deep

The bohemian style embraces layering, and this, in turn, brings depth. Keep this in the back of your mind as you start your decorating journey and it will reap rewards. Layer your rooms with accessories such as quirky art and paintings and beautiful and unusual objects.

All the trimmings

Design embellishments add texture and provide a sense of luxury in any room. Use fabrics that people want to touch, such as velvet and silk; another premise behind boho design is to connect with our senses. Examples include hanging tassels where you can, such as on doorknobs and dressers, and including beads and jewellery in your overall design.

Go vintage

A good place to start if you are feeling a little unsure is to visit vintage outlets, which can offer a plethora of boho ideas without you even realising it! Emphasise colour, pattern and texture, and by incorporating the layering look, you will produce a bohemian interior that is eclectic yet stylish. Enjoy the journey!


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