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House Hamptons
House Plan

A house with coastal spirit in the Hamptons

This is not the first time we have visited a house located in the Hamptons that exclusive area located in Long Island, in the American state of New York. A place that has become a holiday center for celebrities and the wealthiest families in the country. Mr Home Staging & Design designed this home and we can see that characteristic coastal style. With simple but very elegant lines, it combines the most traditional architecture with that coast decoration that I mentioned before. We will know it in more detail below.

House Hamptons
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A modern house with classic details

This bright and cozy house is decorated in a modern style and with some classic touches that make it very special. The idea was to provide space for all and that the environments were differentiated.

The different areas of the house

The housing has different areas to live and study or work. It consists of a large open-plan kitchen and living room and dining room that opens onto a rear garden through a large window. This connection allows the inner and outer zones to be connected.

House Hamptons
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The kitchen

The kitchen is designed for people who like to cook and socialize at the same time, since it is connected to the dining area and allows that while preparing a rich meal all who are at home can share conversation and keep company with chef. Decorated in white, contrasts with the gray floor and the wood of the furniture. An island in the shape of a bar separates the cooking area from the dining room, composed of an incredible table with wicker chairs and presided over by spectacular ceiling lamps.

Located behind the kitchen is the laundry, taking advantage of a storage space that was not very well known what to do with it.

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Outer space

The outside terrace becomes an amazing place. Here you can eat and enjoy moments of relaxation, as you have two different areas, one with a table and chairs that serves as an outdoor dining room and another with sofas for those informal meetings, to read or to listen to music outside the House. All this together with a garden that brings the green and natural touch to this space.

House Hamptons
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The bedroom

We do not know how many rooms this house has and if it only has the bedroom, we see in the picture. It is a large and very bright room, as it has a large window from floor to ceiling that connects to the terrace and allows the entrance of lots of natural light. And being decorated in white tones this is enhanced. The color note comes with small details in blue that makes it a stay that evokes the sea and the beach, very welcoming.

The bathroom

The bathroom is also large, with an imposing double shower that occupies the whole wall, with a glass partition and a small wall of dark tiles that offers a very decorative and original contrast.


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