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Tall Glazed Planters

Tall Glazed Planters is the Best Ideas for Extraordinary Landscape Design

If you want to create an extraordinary landscape design and add there plants in pots, then we recommend choosing tall glazed planters. It looks fashionable, modern and very beautifully complements the general appearance of your garden or terrace in front of the house. If you do not know which design to choose, then on the site you will be able to find something suitable. There is a large selection of flower outdoors pots, a stunning design, a variety of quality materials and stylish drawings will complement any landscape design, create coziness and emphasize your impeccable taste.

Tall Glazed Planters

To transplant your flower into tall glazed planters you need to consider some points:

  1. High pots choose large sizes for tall plants or trees. Set the high pot in the place where it will stand. If you put a flower inside, add soil and drainage, then it will be difficult for you to move the pot in the future.
  1. Look at the drainage hole – you need to cover it with small clay slices or small stones. This must be done, otherwise the water from the plant will come out, but the rain will flow over the ground and wash the soil out of the pot.
  1. Do not forget about drainage. Street plants need drainage – it can be gravel, broken pieces of bricks, expanded clay or pebbles. It does not add a lot of weight to your high pot, but it will be useful for the plant.
  1. High pots must be fixed; otherwise they can be moved or overturned by wind or domestic animals. Many growers prefer to dig in the ground the bottom of the pot to make it stable – it’s not right. Install the pot and fix it with a wire to anything that is near (pillar or garden post). Do not think that the aesthetic appearance here will be lost – you need to keep your pot and its plant safe.

Advantages of glazed planters:

  • They are always covered with enamel (unlike clay pots).
  • Enamel strengthens the structure of ceramics, and provides a long service life.
  • Smooth surface due to coating and therefore clean them as easily as plastic pots.
  • Ceramics are heavier than plastics, which is why it is more stable.

Material for a high flowerpot (using coating with or without glaze):

  • Beautiful and light, such planters sometimes fade in the scorching sun. In addition, it is worth to learn from what plastic pots are made. The cheaper is the price the worse would be the quality of plastic.
  • The ground in it dries up too quickly, and the tall planters can not be called particularly strong. But the advantage of clay is its air permeability. In such pots, plants develop an excellent root system, although they need frequent watering.
  • It is ideal for landscape design in rural decoration. The tree allows the ground to breathe, it perfectly retains moisture, but that’s why such containers must be treated with a special antiseptic compound or painted. Otherwise, they would be not used long.
  • These pots are durable. Now planters are made of brass, steel and zinc. To increase resistance to corrosion, they are usually covered with paint.
  • They are absolutely water resistant, so they can plant even the most hygrophilous flowers. Their service life is more than hundred years. Most often, high stone pots must be made to order.

Plants look very beautiful in tall pots, especially with kinds with high trunk or curly species. It should be remembered that the root system quickly dries up in the summer and the flower needs to be watered so that the water passes through the entire height of the pot. There are plants that are more fastidious and it is need to add top dressing to the ground, because the nutrients are washed out of the high pot. You can choose any material, but many growers and gardeners prefer metal, ceramic or stone types of outdoor tall planters. Any tall plant pot should be securely attached to the surface so that it and your plants are safe.


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