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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

In the Northern hemisphere, on or around the 21st June, the longest day, or the summer solstice occurs each year. This is the day which has the most hours of sunlight and after this, the days begin to shorten once again.

This is a time that is important to us now as it was to our ancestors – the sun is the source of life on the planet, and nowadays we can also use it to power our homes by getting someone like this solar panel installers Yate based company to provide us with the means to do this.

Despite the many advances in technology, the solstice is something that many people still mark in some way today and all around the world there are many customs and traditions that are associated with the longest day.

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Here in the UK, people gather at the most famous ancient monument Stonehenge on the morning of the solstice to greet the sunrise. Stonehenge is designed with astronomical movements in mind as the sun can be seen rising over the entrance to the stone circle – it is built to align with sunrise at midsummer and sunset in midwinter.

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Bonfires are also a common summer solstice tradition across the UK and much of Europe. Spending time outdoors and sharing food at this time of warmth and plenty are activities that have long been enjoyed at this time of the year. Many people would jump the bonfires too, which could give you luck and a plentiful harvest.


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