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Creating kerb appeal for business premises

People often speak about the kerb appeal of a house or other residential property, but this is also an important factor for commercial premises. After all, the only time the kerb appeal of a residential property really matters is when the property is being listed for sale. For business premises, however, the importance of kerb appeal might come into play every single day. An attractive, well-maintained and professional-looking exterior will increase the confidence of clients and customers, not to mention employees. Depending on the nature of the company’s offerings, it might even attract new business.

Creating kerb appeal for business premises

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The basics highlights how important kerb appeal is in both attracting customers and retaining them once you have secured their business. The article has some creative suggestions for increasing your business’s kerb appeal with window displays and signage, which might come in handy if you are unable to do anything about the overall appearance of the building in which you are located.

On Stride lists some useful basics regarding kerb appeal and highlights the importance of keeping the frontage and surrounding areas of your premises clean, tidy and well maintained. These are very basic tips that any business owner can follow, regardless of budget.

Structural considerations

If your business is located in a particular building and there is no prospect of moving, it is important to make the very best of the available space. Major structural work might not be possible; however, adding features such as canopies or flags will often be possible. Corporate flags can look extremely impressive and are an eye-catching addition, particularly to more traditional buildings in crowded business districts.

If you want something a little more contemporary, adding a canopy or similar feature is a great way to lift the entire premises. Tensile structures from specialist suppliers such as are becoming increasingly popular; alternatively, there is always the option of installing a glass canopy or other structure.

In addition to increasing the kerb appeal of your premises, canopies or other additions can have practical benefits. Depending on the design and materials used, they can create areas of shade during sunny periods, shelter during wind or rain, and can help to bring your business and corporate identity out into the street where it can potentially reach out to more clients or customers.


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