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Original apartment Milan Italy
House Plan

Original apartment with different heights in Milan (Italy)

We go to Milan, Italy, to see a spectacular studio located on the fifth floor of a 19th century building, located in a corridor that connects Sempione Park with Chinatown.

The structure is of masonry and has large dividing walls of pressed bricks that divide the space into four zones, united towards the west by a series of aligned openings. At the top of the wooden roof, a row of skylights provides light towards the “blind” side of the house. We will see in more detail all that we can find in this Italian apartment.

Original apartment Milan Italy
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The project

This remodeling was commissioned by a young couple with two children. They needed three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a living room with adjoining kitchen, a reading area and a study for the children. The incorporation of a mezzanine in the upper part reinforces this house and, together with a system of stairs (one for each room), allows a smooth circulation through the house: from every room you can reach any part of the house in both Levels. A system of sliding doors allows to create private areas although the living room and the kitchen, for example, are united.

The kitchen and the living room

The kitchen overlooks the living room, where there is a raised bookcase on this floor that can be used as a desk. It is an original piece of the designer Pietro Russo made of iron and brass. In addition, the kitchen has a folding teak shelf inside which is the sink and the fires. The floor is of dark wood combined with tiles, and the furniture, in shades of blue and green, take all the protagonism on the white walls.

Original apartment Milan Italy
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The materials

We find ceramic tiles with hexagonal shape, more durable and more suitable for uses like kitchen, bathroom and laundry, which run along the hallway and mingle with the teak floors of the bedrooms. The ceramic tiles covering the aquamarine bathrooms feature diamond-shaped reliefs on the surface that give vibrant light to the walls.

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The stairs

There are three stairs that connect to the mezzanine : one in the living room and two in the bedrooms. In the last room, due to the sloping double-sided roof and reduced height, a pole was designed to create a vertical connection. The design of the stairs is inspired by pantographs.

Original apartment Milan Italy
Image Source: Google Image

The bedrooms

On the other hand, in children’s bedrooms, in order to ensure adequate acoustic insulation, printed polycarbonate panels have been placed on the metal sheets. On one of them we see that a study area has been installed, in an elevated plane to which it is acceded by the stairs. The corridor lighting runs longitudinally through an electrified track placed inside the HEB iron beam on the opposite side of the cabinets.

The decoration

What we can see in the photographs on the decoration of this apartment reveals that it is an interior design not too recharged but with significant details. For example, in the kitchen stand out pictures leaning on a wooden counter top and the large lamp hanging from the roof of the adjoining living area.


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