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Getting back into Horse Riding After a Fall – Things that can Help

For many centuries humans have ridden horses. Nowadays, it is more for pleasure than out of necessity, as we have machines and transportation that do many of the jobs that horses used to do. We admire horses and have a special relationship with them, as you can see in art like this horse sculpture by

Riding a horse is for many people a real passion and a hobby that is enjoyed at every opportunity. However, falling from a horse can be something that causes severe injuries, and when this happens it can really knock the rider’s confidence, and cause them to question if they ever want to get back into the saddle again.

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If this is something that has happened to you and you can identify with this, here are some tips that could help you to get back into enjoying horse riding…

Focus on your Recovery – Making sure that you have recovered fully from your fall is important. Go at your own pace and follow the advice of medical professionals before getting back on. For example, if you have broken a bone, you want to make sure that it has fully healed before you get back on a horse, as a healing bone is weaker and can be further damaged if you try to put too much pressure on it whilst it is healing.

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Care for your Mental Health – Falling also affects you mentally, and it is important to take care of this side of things too. Getting back to riding slowly and gradually and most importantly at the pace and level you are happy with is the most important thing here. Don’t try to rush it. You could speak to a professional counsellor if you have anxiety around getting back on a horse, and they will be able to help you to work through those feelings and deal with them.

Build your Confidence – Getting your confidence back is a big part of it, and there are many techniques and strategies that you can use to do this. Look into the various things that you can do and work out which are best for you, as some will work better than others.


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