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Tips For Having Decking in the Garden

Decking in the garden can add dimension to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to make a statement with an impressive raised flower bed or create a simple, stylish seating area, a deck can add the finishing touches to your back garden.

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You should always choose weather-resistant materials to help keep the wood from rotting. Also, use anti-slip materials, which will help to prevent you from slipping.

When designing your new deck, consider the size of your family and how you plan to use it. Also, consider incorporating landscaping into the design. For example, a pergola could provide shelter for climbing plants, while a shade sail can protect you from rain.

A raised flower bed can be a great way to increase the amount of shade in your space. It’s a fun, low-maintenance project that looks good and is easy to care for. Use decorative bricks or pavers to define the edge to make it look better.

Another way to make your deck look interesting is installing a built-in succulent patch. This is a great way to eliminate the need for plant pots and will also serve as a beautiful focal point. However, it’s important to remember that it will need occasional watering.

In addition to its practical uses, decking is also great for adding structure to your garden. Using a levelling system, you can create a flat surface for an elevated seating area. Or you can use a trellis or other structure to elevate a garden or lawn above the ground.

When selecting decking materials, make sure you use the right kind. Wood is beautiful and can be a great addition to your garden, but you should always be careful to avoid areas that are likely to be prone to mould or algae. Consider using a waterproof cover if your deck is near a stream or other body of water. For advice from Portsmouth Timber Merchants, contact

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Another fun way to dress up your deck is to install some lighting. LED lights are perfect for this job, as they can remain hidden when you are not using them. They can even add some warmth to your space. Alternatively, you could opt for a string of patio lights to illuminate the area. Regardless of what you decide to do with your new deck, including the most appropriate lighting.


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