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Guide to choose our shower enclosure

Suppose you have proposed to reform or decorate your bathroom. There is nothing better than opting for a shower screen. Actually, more and more users are deciding on this option. Since this decorative element is more functional, durable and striking than traditional bathroom curtains.

In addition to this, they are very versatile elements because they serve to increase hygiene in the bathroom, prevent splashes and are even ideal for conserving heat in the shower. All this offers a visual appearance of spacious, cleaner, and aesthetically beautiful bathrooms.

The problem is that choosing the right screen is not so easy basically, because there are different models and sizes on the market. Keep reading: How to fix shower faucet wont turn off

Luckily, if you take into account certain aspects, you can make a good choice that suits your tastes and your budget.

Types of Shower Enclosures

Apart from their aesthetics, manufacturing material or model, shower screens are also classified according to the opening they have.

According to this, they are divided into 2 types:

The fully closed
The partial closure

Full-closing shower enclosures

As its name indicates, these are screens that completely close a shower. Within this category, there are 3 specific types: sliding, folding and folding.

Sliders: They adapt to any type of shower tray. They are placed inside a guide that allows the sliding doors to slide to reveal an entrance. They can be single or double. For this reason, they offer the alternative of opening on one or both sides. There are also models that combine two fixed and two sliding leaves to be able to access through the center. The choice depends on the layout and space of your bathroom.

Hinged: These screens are perfect for bathrooms used by people with limited mobility. This is because they have a mechanism that leaves an entrance to the shower with more openings. It’s just that sometimes a little bit of dripping may come out.

Folding: They are the most recommended screens for bathrooms with limited space. They are very functional since when they are opened, they do not take up any space. They have an inward opening system and fold on themselves, which makes it easier to access the shower.

Partial closing screens

Partial closing screens are ideal if you want to cover one or both sides of the shower and leave only one open space.

In other words, they do not close completely, but you will always have an open space to enter the shower. Within this category are the following models:

Fixed panel screen: These have a sheet that always remains firm. The only detail of the fixed screens is that they can only be used in shower trays or in works that have a rectangular layout.
Sliding panel screen: this is the most used model for small bathrooms because they have a movable panel to enter and exit with ease.

Types of Shower Enclosures according to the manufacturing material

There are other elements that you must take into account to choose a good screen. One of them is the material from which they are made. And the treatment that the material has received is also important.

In this sense, screen-printed walls are on the market, which is perfect for protecting privacy because they limit visibility into the shower. In addition, this type of screen comes with beautiful decorations that increase the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Also, there are transparent screens that are very elegant and ideal for making the space look bigger.

In terms of materials, the most requested screens are glass or tempered glass. Screens with tempered glass offer greater security in case of breakage.

Another element to take into account is the material from which the screen profiles or guides are made. The models made of stainless steel are very resistant and offer a nice touch of modernity. Aluminum profiles are the most common and, like steel ones, have great resistance and are usually very subtle aesthetically.

Glass screens usually have an anti-limescale treatment included. This makes it easier to clean the glass and also increases the resistance and durability of the screens.

Another of the types of screens that are available are those made with acrylic. Which are not usually so resistant; in fact, when they break, they can create dangerous and sharp peaks or edges.

Also, depending on their shape, you can get corner screens, those that are niche type and screens with curved or semicircular panels.

Now, keep in mind that to choose a good bathroom screen, the most important thing is to verify its functionality, but also take into account the following:

  • That covers the needs of space and design of the shower.
  • The screen must be adequate to increase safety and comfort.
  • It must have a functional opening system.
  • It is important that it shows a good design.

Choose one that responds to the type of shower tray you have.

Do not forget that each screen is made for a specific requirement since not all are designed for the same surface.

Although there are many screen manufacturers, not all of them are reliable. Below, you will see the best brands of screens that offer good value for money:


This is a manufacturer of showers and screens with almost 30 years in the market. Their great advantage is that they make products tailored to the client’s budget and taste.

In addition, all its partitions have very aesthetic techniques and first-class finishes. If you are interested in learning more about this brand, you can read our article on how to install a Kassandra screen.


This is another of the great manufacturers of screens in Spain. Therefore, it offers a wide range of items to reform the bathroom.

If you need something tailored to adapt your space, this is your manufacturer. There are numerous options that would suit any type of bathroom.


It is a Valencian brand that for many years has met the requirements of the European market in terms of bathroom screens and showers.

Its products have an impeccable design and it offers different models that go from a classic range to a new, more modern and sophisticated range.

Shower Enclosure Prices

Obviously, price is essential when choosing an ultimate shower enclosure. The final cost of the product varies depending on the material, dimensions, manufacturer and type of screen.

But to give you an idea, a fixed panel partition made of transparent glass can range between 100 to 200 dollars.

Also, one that is angular and with black touches can be between 250 to 350 dollars.

In short, in the market, you can find different models of shower screens that cover your tastes, requirements and budget.


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