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decorate with jute
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Ideas to decorate with jute

The Jute is a plant grown in tropical regions to take advantage of its fibers, because with them not only can manufacture packaging bags and ropes, but you can also give life to products sold in stores decor. In addition, it has the advantage of being degradable, which allows us to talk about a material that does not harm the environment

Then I’ll give you some ideas to decorate with jute, which as you can see is present in decorative pieces that we all have at home.

decorate with jute
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The famous jute rugs

They have become very fashionable. It is tremendously easy to find a flood of inspiring photos of jute carpets on both Instagram and Pinterest.

Those that have reached the most popularity are those that have a round shape, and now they are even sold with colored pompoms that reinforce their decorative side. On the other hand, due to their characteristics, they allow us to create warm and welcoming environments, while at the same time giving a very natural look to our home.

Precious DIY

On the Internet you will find many ideas to create your own products with jute. Some of these crafts show us how easy it is to create a table mat, a silverware or a board that you can use as a photo frame.

decorate with jute
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Decorative letters and figures

Searching and searching I have also seen that some decoration stores sell decorative letters made with jute, and best of all, they can be customized. It is also a classic to see jute figures such as a bird on a small wooden base.

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Jute lamps

They are not the most conventional lamps in the world, but they are sold as an alternative to wicker lamps, which have managed to conquer the market. For a colonial style decoration I think they are great. In addition, you should know that there are all kinds of lamps, from the ceiling to the standing, through the desktop. Of the latter I have seen more than one that fit in rustic environments.

decorate with jute
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Jute baskets

With the baskets there is something similar to what I just said about the lamps. The wicker ones are the ones that are devastating. However, those of jute enjoy less popularity, although I intuit that little by little we will see them in more homes mixed with other materials such as cotton.

A perfect material to decorate a wedding

Whether or not you are a wedding planner, you should keep jute in mind as one of the best materials to decorate a wedding. It is a material between rustic and vintage that adapts very well to all kinds of romantic environments. In addition, combines a thousand wonders with flowers and wooden boxes.

As a centerpiece, it is spectacular. You wrap a vase with jute and put a string on it and it looks beautiful. The same can be said of the table runners, the small cushion where we carry the alliances, the guard-cutlery, the numerators of the tables … You can even use it to decorate the chairs if they are white and of rural aesthetics.


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