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What does a door say about you?

Have you ever been faced with the decision of what colour to choose for your front door? This decision can be difficult because it is going to be visible for many years. Did you know that different colours have different meanings and connotations? What does your front entrance say about you?

The front door is a symbol in many cultures. The front door is the “mouth” of the house and represents the energy, luck, and opportunities that may come knocking.

Many faiths and religious traditions attach great cultural importance to red doors. A red door has a welcoming meaning in Feng Shui and early American traditions. The red door was a sign to travellers that they were welcome and would have a warm place to stay for the night. Red is a vibrant, warm and friendly colour that can be used for the front door. It also suggests passion and a love of life.

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White has been a popular colour for doors throughout history. It represents purity, virtue, and peace. In the same way, cream is most often associated with a peaceful environment.

Purple is a colour that is rarely seen. Many people believe you can increase your chances and luck by painting your door purple. This will reportedly help you if you want a better job or better health. It is said to represent energy and attract good fortune your way. For a range of Composite Doors Bridgwater, go to Choice Trade Frames, suppliers of Composite Doors Bridgwater.

Could green work as a front door? Green is a great colour to represent balance, harmony, and peace. It is a good option for a front entrance.

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Yellow is a great colour to use if you want to really make a statement. Yellow is thought to inspire mental clarity, wisdom and confidence. If these are qualities you wish to project, choose a yellow door. This will be a beautiful, bright statement on a grey, overcast day. People with yellow doors have been said to make the most cheerful and welcoming hosts.

Dark blue also evokes calmness and peace, and it is believed to bring positive energy into the home. Blue is a colour that represents many things in nature such as sky and water. This colour is a part of Feng Shui and is believed to show a home that’s prosperous, abundant and peaceful.

Grey is used to symbolise sincerity and honesty. Black is the colour of those who choose to be mysterious. Perhaps this is why the No.10 Downing Street door is black. We never know what goes on inside!


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