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10 Colours Never to Use in Your Home

While some may want to keep their houses very elegant and subtle, others may want to go all out to experiment with things and give their house a different feel. Most of the time, it may land our desired results, but there can be times when we just end up making our house loud, shouty, and cluttered.

The credit may go to our choice of furniture, home décor, and even colours. Yes, you read that right. Here is a list of 10 colours that you should never use in your house as they may give your house sad and negative vibes and you may end up feeling blue, courtesy of Australian casino.

Red and yellow

There are two colours that should never be used on interior walls: Red and yellow. You should stick to warmer, neutral tones such as greys and blues. These projects will actually hurt your home’s resale value.


While black can be your go-to colour when it comes to clothes and accessories, it shouldn’t be your choice when it comes to your house. Painting your house black or using home décor items that are mostly black in colour may give your house a dark feel. Your house will appear to be dimly lit and may even emit depressing vibes. Add to that, you may lose your focus and motivation, since it may make the environment lazy and fill it with screaming silence that may eat you up from inside.

Builder’s beige

The neutrals that can help sell a home can also give off a dirty cast. If you want a nice neutral, consider something that toes the line between taupe and gray.


Pale greens can sometimes feel like sickrooms or cast a pallor upon your favourite faces. Instead of worrying about the relative minty-ness or sage-like qualities of light greens, consider cashing in on one of the latest trends, which looks flattering in both modern and historic homes: hunter green, which can improve your gaming environment with best casino online.


Pink can be a struggle. Too light and it feels sickly-sweet. Too muddy and its dirty. But the current pink trend has turned into using pink as a neutral, so choosing the right one may be in your future.


A study by Appetite found that people ate more snack foods and drank more soft drinks that were in blue packaging so that could extend into the kitchen if you decided to use that colour.

Copper red

Zillow came out with a paint analysis that took a look at the best colours for different parts of a house and found that kitchens should not be painted brick red, terracotta, or copper-red. Try a white instead. Again, most people start their days in the kitchen, white will surely energise the room.


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